Sunday, October 31, 2010

I really need to get back into the habit of updating my blog! It took forever to get photos and upload them. And, I even forgot one! Oh well, later this week (if I remember that is lol).

Paul was out of town this weekend, so I spent my time alone watching episodes of Bones Season 1 and Rockford Files Season 1 on Netflix, and finishing up some projects that have been languishing.

I started this adorable turtle bowl in August. Not sure why the poor thing wound up down in the craft room unfinished. It only took about an hour to finish up the pieces and sew him together. Made 2 of them ... one for a friend at work, and one for Paul.

Just in time for Halloween, I finished up a cute tam. Pattern available on Knitty. The ribbing is too big, so I am currently weaving elastic thread through it so the tam stays on my head. Guess I'll get to wear it next year =(

Since I was watching mindless tv and not football this weekend, I wound up not working on this cute t-shirt. Using up some stash yarn for this. The magenta is bamboo, and the green is corn. This has been my football knitting the past couple of weeks. Paul will be home tomorrow night, so it will get some attention yet this week.

Pulled out several pair of socks that were started this year and finished up the first sock of each. Next I will cast on the mate and concentrate on it to get the pairs finished. If I don't lose interest, I should actually make my 12 pair during 2010.

First up on the list was the sock I started for July. I had finished up the heel turn and most of the gusset before I shoved it in a bag to neglect it for other projects. Finished up the first sock this afternoon. Plan to cast on the second sock this week.

Next up was the pair I started for August. Absolutely love this sock! The yarn is gorgeous (Regia Hand-Dye Effect). I have several balls of this so will have plenty of colorful socks once they are all knit up. Since this is a straightforward sock and doesn't require a pattern, it will be my car knitting for the forseeable future. Plan to cast on the second sock this evening before going to bed.

Lastly is the sock for October. Was only able to finish one during October, but will have the next one done in a couple weeks. I am knitting this pair as an "along" with a friend. She cast her second on today, but it will be a couple of days before I get a chance to cast on.

A couple of weeks ago, I finished up a ribbed tank I was knitting for a knitalong in Ravelry. Lost interest in it for some reason way back when I cast on, but put my mind to finishing it recently. I adore this top and wish I had finished it when it was still warm enough to wear it without wearing a jacket over it.

Along with finishing up the first sock of several pairs that were started in 2010, I finished up the second sock of several pair too.

This was the first sock I cast on this year. Love these, and can't wait to wear them. The bobbles were tedious, but well worth it.

I was almost finished with the first of these socks when I realized I had lost track of the second ball of yarn. I put them away for almost a year and came across the second ball of yarn a month or so ago. Finished up the first sock, cast on the second, and made it my car knitting. Can honestly say, this is the longest it has ever taken me to finish a pair of socks lol.

Finished up my September socks in the past couple of weeks too. These were so much fun to knit.

So the sock tally stands at: Finished January, March, April, May, June, September ... One sock complete February, July, August, October. I have cast on my November socks a bit early, and have picked out my December socks. Wonder if I'll be able to finish them all this year!