Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Toy

It's June ... and what better project to photograph than a scarf made out of Noro Kureyon!  Gotta love a hubster who is so accomodating as to dress in wool so you can blog :-)

This is the second of three Noro scarves I am making as Christmas gifts for the sons.  The daughter will be receiving a doubleknit scarf in pink and tan with a silhouette of Marilyn Monroe on each end.  Can't wait to get the last Noro scarf finished so I can start on the doubleknit one.  The stripes, no matter how pretty, are getting a bit monotonous now.

Daughter is also receiving this little guy in a couple weeks.  After the infestation we had in our garage last year, she is obsessed with squirrels.  She even named the "ringleader" of the pack that took up residence Patrick.  So this little overall wearing guy is dubbed Patrick also.

I just love his tail!

Another little critter I completed recently is this bright and cheery zebra.  He is going to the prayer shawl group I am part of.  Little ones don't want shawls, they want toys!  I've cast on a pink elephant for my next offering.  And, the rhinocerous that is included in this pattern pack will be done up in purples.  So far, this zebra is the only item on my "must finish" list that I've completed.

I have been doing some work on the days of the week kitchen towels though.  I've finished 4 of them so far, and am about halfway through the 5th. Another couple of weekends watching back to back episodes on one series or another and they should be finished.


I put together a quilt top over Memorial Day weekend.  This was a quick and easy project, but will be put away with some other quilt tops until I've finished quilting 3 others before it gets finished.

I love the fabric patterns and colors.  This is the perfect size to cuddle under while watching TV in the cold months.

And now on to my newest toy and obsession.  I finally bought a loom!  I decided on a 24" Kromski Harp with a stand, and it was delivered this week.  I made all kinds of goofy mistakes trying to get it warped, but I finally got it done.  And, the yarn is a bit too big for the heddle I have so I am fighting with it some.  I'll know better for my next project.  I will continue fighting with it as long as the warp doesn't break.  This is going to be a wrap that will be given to the prayer shawl group.  It was mentioned that we needed some wraps that were more manly, since not only women were in need.  My plaid isn't perfect, but it is definitely manly.  I really like the pattern, and the process.

I see a lot more weaving in my future!