Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm Still Alive

Okay, I got a phone call today from a friend.  She was worried because I hadn't posted in my blog for awhile.  LOL, I'm still here, just got "puffed" out .... then started playing a game again.  Diablo II .... well, a mod for Diablo II ..... actually a mod to a mod for Diablo II.  Hubby and I have been playing the Median XL mods to this game for quite a few years and I found that someone had continued on Brother Laz's work and a new mod was released last month sooooooo ..... we installed and started killing stuff.  Pretty good mod, but of course, if you're killing stuff in a computer game, then it's a bit difficult to knit a mitten :-)

Anyway, I have photos.  They aren't all the most recent photos, but I'm going to post them nonetheless so I'm caught up and can start blogging fresh tomorrow.

Here we have some puffs.  These are the last puffs I did in March.  Yep, I skipped the last 3 days of March and quite frankly, I don't think I'm going to worry about it and try to knit those last 9 puffs.  March was bad.  3 puffs per day pretty much sucked all the crafty goodness out of my days.

You know that sewing box I finished last week?  Well, I ordered the pincushion box and it has arrived.  It is beautiful!  I need to get Paul to help me get the stitching mounted on it.  Then I'll be ready to finish up the needlebook and the scissor fob.

Here we have an old photo of the second Chrysanthemum mitten.  The body of it is complete now, but I didn't get a photo of it.  Tonight I will be working on the thumbs and hopefully will have them done, so photo tomorrow of a completed pair?

I did manage to finish the Save the Stitches blocks for March on time.  Need to go check to see if the next blocks have been released and get them printed out.  It would be nice to have them finished earlier in the month in April, so I have time to work on something else if I want.


First puff for April!  I completely forgot that I was supposed to be doing duplicate stitch ones, but I'll get that started today.

Yesterday I finished the first chicken applique kitchen towel.  2 more to go.  Will probably wait until this weekend to work on those, as today's afternoon craft time is pretty much over and tomorrow I have plans already.

Second puff for April done.

And, I sewed 5 puffs together for each day.  I think I'm going to like the duplicate stitch puffs scattered among the Koigu ones.  Nice squishy blankie.