Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Change in plans

Sometimes it really sucks getting old LOL. In the past 4 months or so I have gained about 25 pounds. Now I'm not complaining about the weight, mind you. It's the distribution of it that is getting to me. Some of it is just fine with me. For example, I've increased a cup size. No complaints there! But the pudge that is making me look about 5 months preggers has got to go.

I got myself a yoga mat, one of those exercise balls, and a pilates dvd. It is kicking my ass! My entire body hurts. This so better be worth it. I'm just praying I can keep the boobage ROFL.

The hardest part of the workout is any move that has me moving my left arm. I've been having problems with that shoulder. Guess it's time for another deep tissue massage to help release whatever is causing the problem with the rotator.

At least it's not hampering my knitting!

Tonight I finished the first May dishcloth. Turns out making all these is coming in pretty handy. We got a new stove a couple weeks ago. One of those flat cooktop ones with the turbo boil burner. The cotton dishcloths work great for shining it up.

I got started on the fair isle portion of the Celtic Knotwork Fingerless Gloves last night. I am using leftover yarn from the Mermaid jacket I made last year for my mother, along with other tidbits of leftover yarn in the right weight. Fair Isle gloves and mittens are great projects for using up leftovers you just can't bear to throw away, but are too sparse for anything of substance.

Tonight I am working on the Tapestry skirt. Both the gloves and skirt are calling my name, and I just don't feel like working on the other projects in the weekly lineup. I think I am going to give in to their call and knit on them until I either finish them, or something else starts calling to me. While it was a lot of fun at first to work on something different each day, it is losing it's appeal now. Just when I feel like I'm getting into a rhythm with a project, it's time to put it away for a week. I'll just have to be a bit more careful than in the past with bringing too many projects up from the craft room.

Of course, this will mean you all have to look at the same couple of projects every time I blog, but I think you'll manage to deal with it.

Tomorrow, an update on the Tapestry skirt.


  1. Dear Delana,

    I am in that same club with you! I, too, have broken out with exercise dvd's, tubes and weights. I have challenged myself to work out daily for the next 7 months. I know that exercise works with committment. Today my upper body was quite sore! The "old-age club " is something, isn't it? One good thing about knitting, I'm not one of those people that snack as I knit! But what about when I'm not knitting? Your knitting looks great! Have you checked out the new book "Knit So Fine"? Love the legwarmers and fingerless glove pattern. Good luck losing the pounds. Kellistarr

  2. We should get together and compare, because I *am* five months pregnant. Hee! I am loving my new boobage too, I think I'm finally a C cup.

  3. Congrats on the "extra" on top. I'm sure the yoga and pilates will do wonders. When I was disciplined enough to do it, it was incredible.