Sunday, April 12, 2009

WIP Status

Friday night I finished up the Flying Carpet Socks. Now I don't feel so guilty about casting on that Silky Wool Vest. Of course, as you'll see later in this post, I still have plenty to feel guilty about lol.

The current state of my WIP list looks like this. I've finished 5 of the projects that were OTN at the beginning of the year, and have 2 more that should be finished in the next couple of days.

Basket O' Shame Projects
Flying Carpet Socks
Mermaid Jacket
Merging Colors Bolero
Felted Pond Turtle
Sipalu Bag
Moorish Stripe Socks
Roped Shell
Mary Tudor Cardigan
Lace Knee Highs
Asymetrical Jacket
Ravenna Satchel 1
Ravenna Satchel 2
Islander Pullover
Zarah Pullover
Bamboo Socks
Scheherazade Shawl
Non Basket O' Shame Projects
Yesterday Once More
Filet Dragon Throw
Emily's Gloves
Jenn's Gloves
Rose Wrap Shell
Sweetie Pie Cami
Santa Fe Shawl
Bellydance Halter
Silky Wool Vest

According to my self imposed rules, I should only have 2 newly cast on projects (one of which is now complete). But, I was a bad bad knitter and cast on 2 additional projects *sigh*. Kris plays Little Big Planet and I couldn't resist casting on Sackboy. Luckily it is a smallish project and should be finished in record time. I didn't feel too bad about casting that on, even though I haven't finished the Silky Wool Vest, since I was almost finished with another WIP. I do feel a twinge of guilt about casting on Salvia though. Rowan yarn is an evil temptress indeed. I am limiting my time working on this project until I get a couple more of the BOS projects finished.

I am currently finishing up the toe on the Moorish Stripe Socks. Then they will be shipped off to my stepdad.

The Roped Shell is also almost complete. Last night when I took photos she looked like this.

This morning she is complete with the exception of the I-cord bind off on the arm openings and the cabled neckband.

The beaded purse is getting some attention too. Progress seems awfully slow compared to the knitting, but I've increased my speed to about 3 rows per 30 minutes. The problem is I can only work on this about 30 minutes at a time. It's just too hard on the eyes!

I mentioned Salvia earlier in the post. It is a shortsleeved cotton cardigan with intarsia flowers on it from the latest Rowan magazine. I took Friday off work as comp time last week and made a trip to my LYS to look at shawl pins for the Merging Colors Bolero. While there, I spied yarn in the perfect colors for Salvia, a soft grey and beautiful blue. I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever, so you know I bought it and cast on as soon as I got home. I only allowed myself to complete several rows of the colorwork pattern before setting it aside and pulling out the projects I was supposed to be working on.

I think I'm going to sift through the list of WIPs and find one fairly close to being complete to work on next. Salvia shouldn't have been cast on until I had 8 finished, and when the socks and shell are done that will make 7. Why do I do this to myself? My WIP list never seems to have fewer than 20 projects on it!

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  1. Awww, guilt, schmilt. You knit so freaking much that if I were going to impose the same rules on me, I'd cast on a new project every year and a half or so. . .

    Keep going!