Monday, May 4, 2009

April Wrap Up, May Wind Up

April was a pretty productive month for me. I finished 5 projects, 4 of which were Basket O' Shame projects! Never mind that I started several new projects lol.

I got a little carried away and had about 6 projects out of the craft room to work on, but this past weekend I rectified that. I now have only 3 projects available to work on while I watch TV.

One of the 3 that made its way back to the craft room is Salvia. I did make some progress on it, and it will be the next projects I work on when I finish something.

I pulled out the Pond Turtle that I started last year and have finished all except the final piece. Pretty sure I'll have this one finished up this week.

Progress has been made on Paul's Islander pullover too. This is one of those projects that just doesn't photograph well indoors with flash. Hopefully we'll have some sunshine this weekend so I can get better photos of the beautiful color of this yarn.

Confession time: I was a bad girl and cast on a new project. I saw this top in my LYS' window and couldn't resist buying the pattern and yarn for it. In my defense, I did wait a full week before giving in to the temptation of starting it. I cast on Friday night and last night I started on the 4th of 5 balls of yarn. This thing is practically knitting itself!!

I'm down to 20 projects on the needles now. Still sounds ridiculous, and I'd like to be under 10 by the end of the year. As long as I can resist all those tempting new projects that are begging to be cast on I just might make my goal.

Basket O' Shame ProjectsNon Basket O' Shame Projects
Flying Carpet SocksYesterday Once More
Mermaid JacketFilet Dragon Throw
Merging Colors BoleroEmily's Gloves
Felted Pond TurtleJenn's Gloves
Sipalu BagRose Wrap Shell
Moorish Stripe SocksSweetie Pie Cami
Roped ShellSanta Fe Shawl
Mary Tudor CardiganBellydance Halter
Lace Knee HighsSolo
Asymetrical JacketSackboy
Ravenna Satchel 1Salvia
Ravenna Satchel 2Silky Wool Vest
Islander PulloverCap Sleeve Top
Zarah Pullover
Bamboo Socks
Scheherazade Shawl

Kitten update: Mama cat must have gotten spooked because she moved her little brood elsewhere. We've seen her a couple of times roaming around the neighborhood, but no sign of the little ones yet. I'm still going to try to catch them and take them to a shelter if I see them. Last thing we need is 6 more strays running around!

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  1. I can't wait to see more of your Salvia cardi. You definitely picked a beautiful color combination. I love what you knitted so far. I first saw this pattern in the April Knitting (UK) magazine I picked up at B&N. I just love the style and shape of the cardi along with the intarsia flowers. I haven't done any knitting with two color yarns (intarsia). Is it difficult? Do you have any pointers? Thanks...Susan