Monday, September 13, 2010

A Tale of Two Sweaters

I've been trying to work on all those WIPs, honestly I have. But, of course, I do seem to be acutely susceptible to bouts of startitis. I've been able to keep it at bay somewhat this year since I am on that quest to make a pair of socks a month. I know that most of them are still OTN and I'm running out of dpns. No need to remind me thank you very much.

Everything I am working on lately is on tiny needles and seems to be getting no closer to being done no matter how long I knit on it, so I did indulge myself and cast on a quick to knit project. I've had this yarn (Elsebeth Lavold Angora) in my stash for a couple of years and have since lost interest in the sweater it was supposed to become, but every time I saw it, it reminded me of this cute little cardigan I ran across during a Ravelry surfing session. 1 week start to finish. Gotta love projects like that! It was just what I needed to give me the incentive to finish up another project (one that I don't have a photo of at the moment).

I will get a photo of the finished Zick Zack tunic later this week to post. A lovely laceweight concoction that drove me batty with its monotonous pattern that for some reason I just couldn't memorize.

Since I finished that project, I decided to indulge myself in another project that would be finished in a short span. Again, I dove into the stash and found some yarn that had been purchased for a sweater I no longer wanted, matched it with a project in my queue, and voila! We have a Leaf Yoke Top just in time to wear a few times before it gets too cool for sleeveless wear.

It knit up quickly in Berroco's NaturLin, a linen/rayon blend that will hopefully be soft and drapey once dried. I plan to wear it tomorrow to work =)


  1. I love both of these. The first one is in my queue I think.

  2. Those are both super cute. Glad I'm not the only one who sometimes loses interest in large projects...