Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Storms

When I woke up this morning, it was already 9AM!! Paul checked out the weather this morning and decided not to chance going in to work today so he let me sleep in. It's even worse tonight. We've lost 1/2 a tree in our backyard. It came pretty close to hitting power lines and our garage, but we got lucky. Limbs are hanging really low in the front, and we keep hearing the creaking as the ice weighs them down. I'm afraid we haven't lost the last of the limbs in this storm. The rain is still coming down and ice is falling on the roof and sliding down into the front yard. The sound is awful. At least it's starting to warm up some so the ice will melt.

Snow days are good for getting tons of crafting done.

I played around with what kind of layout I wanted for the 2011 Block a Month Afghan and worked on some filler 6" squares.

Then it was time to work up the February squares. I did both of the 12" squares and 4 of the 6". (and another limb just cracked - Paul has run outside in his jammies to check for damage lol)

And after all that work, I have the first of 4 big squares that will become my blanket. Along with 4 of these, I will also have 4 rectangles consisting of 2 12" squares with 2 6" squares between them.

LOL the "on-the-scene" weather reporter just mentioned that there was 1/2" of ice on the trees and that's why twigs were cracking. Dude! Whole trees are falling in my neighborhood!

Last night I worked on the Babette Blanket some more. I finished sections 1 and 2, then seamed them together. I've gotten most of the pieces for section 3 finished now. Just need to seam them together then attach them to the main piece.

I tried to work on Paul's gloves last night too, but I really didn't like them. Paul agreed that the pattern wasn't working up well and although the yarn wasn't thick enough used single, it was definitely too thick used doubled. The glove is now in the frog pile and I plan to order appropriate yarn this week to make gloves in a new pattern Paul has picked out.

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