Friday, May 25, 2007

Am I ever ready for a long weekend!

I am soooooo glad this week is over and we are heading into a long weekend. Let's just leave it at it's been hectic to say the least.

I've managed to get some "stress relief" knitting in and finished up a couple of projects. First off is another pair of baby socks. My co-worker says they get cuter with each pair. Sounds like an invitation to make more precious baby socks to me!

Pattern: Feather and Fan
Yarn: Knit Picks sock something or other leftovers
Started: 5/17/2007
Finished: 5/19/2007

Although, not really on track to meet my May goal, I did manage to get some knitting done on the Leg Cozies. I will not be making these as long as the pattern calls for. Jenn doesn't want them to pool so much around her ankles. And, like mother like daughter ..... her legs are skinny enough that I won't be doing the increase rounds either. This project just gets simpler and simpler. I am hoping to put some more effort into these on Monday and see if I can't get close to finishing them by month's end.

I finished the first of the Knee High to a Grasshopper socks and have some progress on the second. The lace pattern is knitting up pretty quickly and I am hoping to have the pair complete tomorrow.

Also on the "finished" list is the first of the Tofutsies socks. I stalled a bit on the second as I don't relish miles of straight stockinette, but I plan to make this my main project for Sunday and see how much of it I can get complete. I just might get caught up on the 52PP projects if I put my mind to it.

As I had hoped, I was able to complete the Surplice Lace Top last weekend in plenty of time to wear it to dinner with my parents. I love this top! It is cool and comfy. Not socasual that I can't wear it to work, yet not so dressy that I can't wear it with jeans and tennies. I've worn it several times since completing it.

Pattern: Surplice Lace Top, Nashua Handknits North American Designer Collection No. 4
Yarn: Nashua Ecologie Cotton
Started: 4/21/2007
Finished: 5/19/2007

Almost as soon as I cast off the Surplice Lace Top, I cast on for this little summer top. I love the neckline and collar! I am knitting it in the called for yarn: Takhi Cotton Classic.

I am just about an inch shy of the armhole shaping on the back and hope to have this top completed fairly quickly.

Why the need to finish the tank so fast? Well, as if I hadn't purchased enough stash for projects in the past month or so, I made yet another purchase yesterday. I decided to spend my lunch hour browsing the bookshelves at my LYS yesterday and they had a copy of "No Sheep For You". I idly picked it up and wouldn't you know it opened up to this little number!

It was love at first sight, and I immediately forgot about the 4 or so sweaters I have lined up to be cast on and decided I simply had to have this sweater in these exact colors. I poured over the silk yarns but just couldn't find one that had all 3 colors needed. Each yarn had 2 and nothing else I liked as much as the 3rd pictured. I engaged the LYS owner in the search and we were about to give up when something made me look up. There it was!

An unopened bag of Alchemy Bamboo full of beautiful skeins of green, purple, and orange yarn! I am drooling all over it as I type this and can't wait to be able to cast on. I am hoping to have enough willpower to wait until the tank is done, but I've said that before. And, we all know how it ended lol.


  1. Well, when you knit as fast as you do, why not have multiple projects going? It's going to be very very bright! I can't wait to see it. The Surplice looks great on you and I also really like the tank neck.

  2. I love your lace top, it's beautiful and looks great on you.

    Those tiny socks are adorable.