Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Long overdue update

Well, I didn't finish Mermaid in time to give it to Mom when I had dinner with her Saturday, but finished she is. I'm hoping to get it to her this weekend, but that will all depend on when Paul gets back in town. The second car isn't running so well, and I don't trust it to go anywhere except work and back home right now.

I'll make sure to get some photos of Mom wearing her to post later.

I'm making good progress on the nonmitts now that I don't have Mermaid to keep me otherwise occupied. Almost positive these will be done tomorrow night! I've purchased a few goodies to add to the package when it gets sent. Now all I can hope for is some cold weather so my pal can enjoy these.

This weekend I did a few repeats on the Lake Park gloves I had started, but the pattern just didn't look right with the yarn I was using, so off to the frog pond they went. I've decided to try again with other yarn since I like the pattern so much. Hope to cast those on this week.


  1. That sweater looks great..... or is it a jacket? Anyway, your Mom is lucky!

  2. The Mermaid looks wonderful, Delana. Do I get one if I'm a family member?