Saturday, October 13, 2007

Progress abounds

Knitfitt's nonmitts are officially finished, blocked, and tucked away in a package along with some other goodies. I missed the Post Office today, but they will be in the mail and on their way come Monday.

I did have a full ball of yarn left over from these, so I returned it and picked up 2 balls in a lovely purple color this week. I'll cast on for a pair for myself in a couple of weeks.

Only 2 more projects to finish up before I'm allowed to cast on the Mary Tudor cardigan. I received notification today that the yarn has been shipped. Good thing both of the projects I need to finish are fairly quick knits. I expect the yarn to arrive probably Wednesday, and I don't know if I can restrain myself once it gets here.

I mentioned in a post earlier in the week that I had frogged the Lake Park gloves due to the yarn not behaving with the pattern. The other night I dug around in the stash and found something I thought would work better. It's a fairly lightweight sock yarn from Laughing Rat Studios that Laughing Rat custom dyed for me. Since the pattern calls for a DK weight yarn, I am knitting with 2 strands. I love the result so far, and the pattern shows up beautifully in these colors. What you see here is only one evening's knitting. I'm pretty sure I can have these finished up Monday night watching the football game.

Finally pulled out the Rowan Margaret's Silken Slippers to work on again. Here is the state of them last night when I put them away for the evening. I finished up the first this afternoon and will take photos once the veil is finished blocking. These went really quick once I put my mind to knitting them. I might be able to have the second one completed tomorrow.

I couldn't help starting another project! I found the most adorable pattern for a crocheted turtle and just had to make one for Paul. Right now it doesn't look like much, but give him a few days. This might be completed before the Mary Tudor yarn arrives.

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  1. Lovely colours in the yarn from Laughing Rat.

    That took a bit of time for Karen to get Mary T shipped but I think you'll get it before Wednesday!