Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Grief!!

I did one heckuva lotta knitting since my last post, but my WIP list grew!! Oh well, I guess I should give up on the idea of not casting on new projects until I finish some already started ones. I'm starting to depress myself with my complete lack of willpower when there is beautiful yarn within my grasp.

I finally have a photo of the finished Clementine Shawlette that I made for my MIL's birthday. I think she wore it every day we were there.

During the drive to Texas (yes, we're crazy and drove from Columbus, OH to Dallas, TX), I finished up Megan's Mitts. I sent them home with her Dad, who was visiting too. Should hear soon if the kids like their handknitted gifts. It's a good thing I'm giving up on that not casting on thing, since now I am itching to cast on a pair of these, complete with fingers, for myself.

Sitting in the hotel during the evenings, I finished up the knitting of the Fyne vest, with the exception of the armbands and collar. I didn't knit this flat like the pattern stated. Instead I knit it entirely in the round, adding steeks for the v-neck and armholes. Since this yarn wasn't really made for steeking, I had to wait until I got back home to sew and cut my steeks. Wore it to work today, and got some nice compliments on it.

Of course, I had to buy some yarn while there so I could make a little something for Paul and I to remember our trip. For myself I chose some scrumptious angora yarn to make the girliest mittens I have ever seen in m life. I've finished the first and should finish the second in a couple of days. These photos don't show the halo on these things very well, but I will get a shot of that once they are complete.

Paul chose to have a hat made just like the one I made Brian. I was amazed when he brought over a skein of Tonalita and told me he wanted his hat made of those colors. I think he's a secret fiber enthusiast, since that's the yarn I used to make Brian's hat. He did choose some nice colors though, no?

The new project I decided to start on the trip was a pair of gloves (which was abandoned as soon as I got that angora on the needles!). I'm hoping to have this first glove done this weekend, and perhaps I can get the second done by next weekend. Not sure though, since I'm not taking any time off work for the holidays this year.

I picked up some Rowan Tapestry about a week before we left with the intention of knitting a great tam designed by a Ravelry acquaintance. It doesn't look like much now, but I think these colors are really going to be beautiful in this pattern. A couple more knitting sessions and we shall see.

I have a couple more photos on the other camera, but the batteries died so I can't download them tonight. Those should be posted tomorrow, and I'll give a few more details about the trip and my next probably impossible goal regarding knitting.


  1. The vest looks so pretty on you and you look so happy in it. Lovely mittens, and the rest of your projects are beautiful. It's so inspiring to see your startitis because you're so good at finishitis too.

  2. Dear Lord Girl!!!! I kept checking for your posts everyday. I just KNEW you had to have a lot in the fires. lol. Your vest looks amazing. Great job on all of your projects.

  3. It's about time you got back! You've achieved more than I expected and it's all beautiful. I love, love those angora mittens. By the way, your mittens and gloves are always unique. Where do you get the patterns? Everything is great, as always. Glad you're back!

  4. Hi Delana,
    Question: Where are you? I hope you're well. Miss your postings. I hope you've got a lot of projects to tell us about. Talk to ya later!

  5. You've been given a "You Make my Day" Award. Check out my blog for details. P.S. I've missed you in blogland...come back! lol.