Sunday, December 2, 2007

Goodies, a FO, and progress reigns again!

I received my Ravelry Mitten Exchange package yesterday afternoon! My pal frisianfrillies did a great job! She asked me about sports teams I might like to use as inspiration for colors and ran with my answer. I told her I liked pro football and my favorite team was the Indianapolis Colts. Like me, she loves Peyton Manning, so she used that as the theme of my mitts and the goodies she sent along with them.

It was so much fun taking a box from the postman, shipped from the Netherlands, that had a picture of Peyton on it lol. Inside that box were some handmade stitch markers, an adorable stuffed kitty wearing an "I Love Football" sweater, chocolate letters "P" and "M", other assorted sweets, a bag of Pepermunt ballen (from the makers of Mentos) which I am addicted to now, a nice note on a Peyton Manning postcard, and of course the mitts.

Aren't these the greatest!!

This morning I finished Brian's hat while having my Holiday Mint coffee. I really like this yarn, Trendsetter Tonalita, and might try to find some to make a sweater with. The striping is so much fun, and it came in several great colors. Hope Brian likes it.

Megan's mitts are coming along nicely. At the rate they are working up, I should be done with them Tuesday night.

And, I pulled out the Fyne vest again. It's so close to being finished, I don't want it to languish too long. Besides, finishing this and getting the leftover yarn taken to the craft room will give me more space in the knitting bag I keep upstairs. And, I need the room!!

Paul and I are going to Texas next weekend for a much needed vacation and visit to his mother. I'd like to have a couple of my WIPs finished before we leave so I don't feel guilty starting something new to take with me!


  1. weyhey! For once the postmas was FASTER than I expected! I hope your colleagues will like your mitts! Enjoy!


  2. What a great exchange! I haven't even begun exploring that part of Ravelry yet. Uh-oh, more reasons to be stalking that site. lol

  3. Miss Delana where are you? I miss seeing all your wonderful projects. You'll be so proud of me, I'm knitting a fakeisle hat. I don't have the talent to knit the real thing and the fake is as close as I can get. It looks kinda real.