Sunday, February 17, 2008

Go Ahead ..... Make My Day!

Susan says I make her day! Shame on me for not catching up on emails in the order they were received. I actually received this back on February 6th, and I'm just now acknowledging it . Hope you won't hold that against me Susan :o)

I am now supposed to pass this along to up to 10 people whose blogs make my day and post a comment on their blogs to let them know.

Without further ado I would like to bestow this award on the following:

Rain : I love reading Rain's blog and look forward to every post. I think she's an amazing knitter and she inspires me with her sense of style.

Jen : When I grow up I want to be a designer just like Jen. Check out some of her patterns available in Ravelry.

Laurie : The sock queen of blogland. I love the stories about Dexter and his photos are too precious for words.

Marina : Her blog makes me cry. 'Nuff said!

Nanette : I am addicted to blogs about stranded knitting and this one will not disappoint anyone who reads it.

Kathy : I was checking my blog stats one day and found quite a few referrals from this blog. Somehow she had come across my finished Fyne vest and featured it in one of her posts. I fell in love with her blog ... all about fairisle and quilting.

Katherine : 2 of the most adorable kidlets I've ever seen, and an occasional knitting post.

Dave : If Laurie is the sock queen, Dave is the sock king.

Natalie : I don't know how Natalie gets any knitting done with all she has going on, but somehow she manages it. I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person when she was gracious enough to open her home to a knitting party.

Amy : How can you not love a roller derby knitter? I've also met Amy in person, however, I've not been to the knit group she hosts in quite some time.

Of course, there are other blogs which make my day, including Susan's, but I did have to limit my recipients to 10. Hope nobody feels left out :o(

In knitting news:

There was some progress this weekend on the Norwegian Snail Mittens. Look! Snail butts! I may do the duplicate stitching on the cuffs tomorrow.

Finally got a photo of the last 2 dishcloths I finished. The 2nd Feb discloth is coming along nicely too, but photos before it's finished just seems silly.

There was also progress on the Russian Coat. I finished the cuff section on both sleeves. The length seems just a tad short, so I will probably add some type of edging to it after it's all finished. Don't want to assume and have them be too long. Better to wait until it's all seamed up and I can try it on proper.


  1. Thank you very much -- I've never been king of anything before! :-)

    P.S.: Great snail butts!!

  2. Aww, thanks, Delana!

    Your snail mittens are coming along beautifully!

  3. The snail mittens are so cute! Thanks for the award!

  4. Thanks for the award! Sorry it took me so long to acknowledge's been crazy around here.