Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hey baby, wanna swatch?

Every once in awhile I check out what keywords landed folks at my blog. Yesterday I had one that made me just about spit my soda all over the keyboard of my computer.

If you read my blog, you might remember a post last fall where I valiantly tried to finish off a couple of projects before casting on a new one that I had just received yarn in the mail for. I repeatedly mentioned in that post that even swatching would be cheating.

Weeellllllll, someone did a search (I don't even want an explanation for this one folks) for "obsessive compulsive cheater" and landed at my blog with it! I wonder how disappointed they were when they saw that swatching was a knitting activity and not a sexual activity LOL!

Tonight my snails got little faces to go with their little butts while I watched American Idol. Anybody else hooked on that show? The kid that sang Jailhouse Rock cracked me up!

The snail mittens seem to be knitting up pretty quickly, when I actually knit on them, so there may be hope yet to get them done my month's end. I'm not going to push it though, since I really want the Russian Coat done more than I want these done.

Speaking of the Russian Coat, there has been progress on it as well. I finished with the section of the skirt hem that is done in the multicolored Jasper, and am now onto the solid section, worked in Peruvia. It really doesn't look like I've made much progress since the last photo, but there's a ton of stitches packed onto that needle! Tonight is the first night I've been able to do more than 2 decrease rows before having to put it up for the day. I'm sure by this weekend it will have grown by leaps and bounds.

Next up in my quest to finished all these UFOs sitting around will be the fair isle tam I started in December and the Asymetrical Jacket I started *cringe* over a year ago.


  1. It can be a little disturbing to see what people search for huh? I think it's sooo funny to think of them discovering a knitting blog by accident. One person found me when looking for a picture of an adult diaper (Liam was a toddler, we were visiting a nursing home, I didn't pack well for the day, and we had to borrow one. I took a picture of him in this huge diaper that stuck out in the back like Donald Duck). Why would someone search for that???

    I have to confess that I'm addicted too. That guy cracked me up too - attitude! - but the last two performances were my favorites.

  2. Oh, that's too funny. I don't want to know, especially since Katherine reminded me about the naked baby in the cage post. . . eeep.

    Your snails are pretty fetching. I always am stunned at how much gets done when I pick up needles and knit, instead of moaning about not having time to knit.

    But you really get lots and lots done.

  3. I love those snails!

    People find my blog with weird search terms too -- lately it's been varations of "Did Michelle leave Heath?"

  4. Wow, I found your knitting blog today while wandering around the internet. You are only the second Delana I have ever come across in my 47 years who was not a member of my family. There don't seem to be many of us around. I, too, am a compulsive knitter, crocheter, English smocker, and so on. Oh, and by the way, I love the snail mittens and can't wait to see them finished.