Monday, March 17, 2008

Go ahead and laugh

Look what I cast on!

No, it's not the second Braided Cable Fingerless Glove. It's the third!!

Why a third?

Well, I was getting ready to do the thumbs when I noticed what I had done.

Yep, once again I've made two damn left mittens!! Aaaarrrrrrrggggggg!!!

Oh well. Since I'm doing the mitten/glove a month knitalong over at Ravelry I was planning on giving all the ladies at work a pair, and one of them said she really liked mine, so it's not like I have to rip out all that work. LOL, sometimes I amaze even myself with my own stupidity.

Now, that's two projects so far this year that have thrown me into a tizzy wanting to buy new yarn to console myself. I'm so proud of the willpower I am showing by not giving in.

Instead of casting on a big project like I did last time, I decided to whip up a couple pair of baby socks to help ease that urge. One of the gents I work with is about to welcome his fourth child into the family, and the wee one needs some tootsie coverings.

I finished up this pair Friday night.

And this pair should be done tomorrow evening.

While I was downstairs rummaging in the sock yarn, I decided to cast on a pair for myself. Finally decided what to do with that Seasilk I bought last fall. Next time, I will get a photo against a background with a bit of contrast. The yarn fades a bit into my bedspread lol.


  1. I should'nt laugh, but you can always have that extra left glove in case you lose one. Hey, Delana, I need some advice on preventing the "ladder" effect when knitting in the round. Your work always looks great. Any advice?


  2. Okay, that's pretty funny. At least you were going to make another pair anyway.

    Those baby socks are so cute. And you're so fast - I bet you could knit those in your sleep, huh?