Sunday, March 9, 2008


We had quite the snowstorm here this weekend. The snow started coming down Friday midmorning. By lunchtime the roads were starting to get bad and everyone in our office started gathering up work they could do from home and left early. Paul and I stuck it out until about 2:oo, then called it a day.

Paul checked the accumulation in our backyard this morning. A whopping 13.5 inches!!!

Daisy, the neighbors' dog, didn't like it so much. Poor thing was stuck outside for most of the day yesterday.

Doppler, on the other hand, loved the snow! Here he is dragging Jenn around like a true sled dog. I tell ya, that boy is like a freight train. If he gets it in his head to go somewhere, ain't nobody gonna stop him.

This is what our car looked like this morning.

Although the car is still covered in a foot of snow, Paul worked his butt off and got the driveway cleared out. That man deserves a cookie!

One good thing about being snowbound all weekend is that there was a lotta knitting going on. I put the finishing touches on the Norwegian Snail Mittens Friday night. Wove in the ends and blocked yesterday.

Most of today I worked on the Aran Tree Skirt. The 2nd panel is just about done. 10 more rows or so.

Stoney is knitting up quickly. I started on the armhole shaping last night. The back will be done in another knitting session or 2.

You can't really see the texture in my photos, so I got a closeup. The true color is like in the above photo.

A bit of work was done on the Russian Coat too. I think I'm almost afraid to work on this. I might cry if I finish the skirt and the jacket looks like crap again.

And, last but not least, as if I needed yet another project to work on, I cast on for another pair of gloves. These are working up really quickly, so I don't think they'll linger in the knitting bag too long. The purple on the edge is some rabbit fur "yarn" I found on the clearance shelf of the LYS last summer. I did a crochet cast on using 1/2 the called for stitches, then using the main yarn, increased in each stitch.


  1. That snow is unbelievable. I live in Michigan and though it's been quite yucky, it's not been that bad!! Those new gloves you cast on are super cool. How did you do it? You did a crochet cast on with the rabbit fur yarn? I'm lovin' all of your mittens. You really could go into busines, just knitting those alone! Great work!

  2. It looks pretty from here, but we don't get that kind of stuff at all.

    Poor neighbor's doggy -- yours looks like he's having a ball. Our dog used to shovel snow with her nose. Such fun.