Monday, September 1, 2008

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Psycho Knitter!!

The Russian Coat really deserved a photoshoot, so out into the warm weather I went, looking like a complete imbecile wearing it. Now, you all know that I always complain about my photos. I just can't pose to save my life, that's all there is to it. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I've never been able to overcome it.

This project warranted more than my normal Franken Delana pose, so I told hubby to let me know if that's the look I was going to get instead of just snapping like he usually does.

Ummmm in the first sideview photo, he snapped while I was talking to him. Well, an odd pose, but at least it's not Franken Delana.

The second isn't too bad. I just wish that the sun wasn't making me squint so badly.

And then the fun started. After looking at the first photos (some of which will never come off my computer), I told hubby that I should just quit trying because I'm never going to be happy with my "poses". He told me to quit posing and just "do" something.

"Like what? Throw up my arms and spin around in circles?"

You can clearly see the point in the ridiculous act that he said "Look at me, I'm a bird!"

Because I started laughing uncontrollably.

After finishing those 31 shots using the sports action setting on the camera, we went back to a couple of poses.

I love how the additional hexagon I added to the sleeve resulted in a point on the back of my hand. The pattern called for a partial hexagon to be knit at the end of the sleeve, which made the point on the palm. Even if the sleeve had been long enough knitted as the pattern called for, I think that point on the palm would have driven me insane every time I wore this.

Hubby always manages to get a "butt shot" in at the end of taking photos. That man just isn't right!


  1. That coat is fabulous!! Your hair is fabulous too. And I looooove the spinning shots!

    No fair about the butt shots!

  2. Love the coat and to hair style. You look fab as always!

  3. Wow that is goregous I love how it came out you you can never have to many spinning around pictures lol

  4. It looks lovely and you do too. I think action shots are the way to go. Hee about the butt shot. My spouse would do that too.

  5. That jacket is absolutely fantastic! Definitely something to be proud of.

    O, I have an e-mail of yours to reply to. Sheesh. Sorry about that.