Sunday, September 28, 2008

Success at last!

This is an awful photo of it, but I finally finished the Lowry Pullover. And, with a week to spare too! I'll definitely get some photos with the recipient wearing it. Hoping to gift it next weekend.

I also had time last night to finish up the Feather & Fan Throw for Paul. A very productive Saturday indeed.

Today I pulled out the Rose Wrap Shell and worked on it a bit. I can only work on it so long though since I am at the point where I am attaching all those motifs together. It's difficult to see what you're doing if you don't have it laid out flat, and then you wind up sitting hunched over to do the connecting. It doesn't take long for the back to start aching. Good thing I can get quite a lot done in just 30 minutes of working on it since that's about the timespan I can handle sitting in that position. I'll probably pick at this a bit each night until it's finished.

Last weekend I spied a great pattern on Ravelry, but couldn't find it in the designer's Etsy shop. I messaged her and asked if it was still available. Imagine my surprise when she messaged back that it was a brand new pattern and she was offering it free to the first 25 people who asked and I was on the list! I really can't wait to finish this. It's the most adorable Pond Turtle. One of the better turtle patterns I've found. Below is the first of many of these I'm sure I'll make. As soon as Paul saw the photo on the pattern he announced that he wanted one. The top shell is his choice of colors in Kureyon. And the contrast color is Cascade.

Check out Woodrose's Etsy Shop to see a photo of the finished turtle. He's really quite perfect.

I spent some quality time today on the Ravenna Satchel too. The bottom piece is complete, and I am half done with the back. I should be able to finish the back and get a good portion of the top band done tomorrow night while watching the football game. Then I get to work on the fun intarsia piece. Most likely I will be ready to felt it next weekend.

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  1. Hey Delana,

    I like the colors that you've chosen for the turtle. What's the feather and fan throw made with?
    Your work looks good!