Monday, October 13, 2008

Goal update

We are almost midway through the month, so it's high time for a goal update. Let's see, there was:

The Ravenna Satchel - I think I've maybe completed 5 more rows since last photo .... not looking good, but I still have hope. I just need to spend some quality weekend time with it is all.

Dragon Scale Gauntlets - completed one repeat of the pattern. Again, not looking too good, however, I still have hope. That repeat didn't take me long, so I set them aside for something that was taking longer. Just need to finish a couple of those and spend some quality time with this project.

Sweetie Pie Cami - Am almost out of yarn, am positive what I have left isn't going to make this top nearly long enough to suit me, and can't for the life of me find another skein anywhere! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I think it will be back to the drawing board with this. I'll need to figure out a way to add more of the pink variegated yarn into it to get more length.

Filet Crochet Dragon Throw - haven't worked a lick on it since my last update. I still think I can have it finished this month. This week should see some progress on it.

Yesterday Once More - I have only completed one more row since last update, but since I already declared this not about to be finished until at least Spring, I am not worrying about it in the least.

Rose Wrap Shell - Am almost done with all the motifs, and have attached all that are already compelte. Another night or two on this and it will be done.

Pond Turtle - I have about 5" of an unfelted piece completed. Need to spend more time with this adorable turtle.

Tommy Nobis Amigurumi - At last update, Tommy resembled a black ball. The next time I tried to work on him, it was to add the embelishments to his helmet. Lo and behold I couldn't find one single photo of Tommy Nobis wearing a black helmet. His helmet was always red (at least in his photos). I cursed Paul every second of crocheting the second attempt at a helmet, because afterall, if you're going to crochet your sweetheart his idol, you gotta make sure the helmet is right! As of now, Tommy resembles a red ball LOL. I will get over my snit at having to start over in a few days and give him some appendages.

Aran Tree Skirt - Finished!!!!! And I love this more than I can say. Can't wait for Christmas to get here so I can replace the falling apart old tree skirt we have and display this one.

A closeup of the cablework. It just doesn't photograph well (or perhaps it's me that just can't take photos?) unless it's close up.

Nutkins - Spent quite a bit of time on these this past week and am happy to report that they should be complete a full week earlier than needed. By all rights I should be able to finish these up Friday night.

Again, the pattern just doesn't show up in photos unless it's a closeup.

Fierce but Friendly Dragon - finished except for eyes. His wings are a bit droopy, so I think I'll add some craft wire to them so they can be posed. His little legs are moveable and I love that I can make him sit and watch over my stash.

He looks a little like a flying dog here doesn't he? Hopefully the addition of eyes will rectify that.

And, since I really didn't think I had enough to keep me busy in October, I cast on another project this week. These are the Swirly Girl Socks I am knitting for the Obscuriosity KAL group on Ravelry. Love this pattern! So much fun to knit.

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