Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Actually made time for some knitting!

With holiday shopping and parties, too much time spent at work, getting absorbed in other crafts, and of course, the new Diablo mod being released, there hasn't been as much time for knitting as I usually have. I did manage to get a few things worked on this week though.

First, we have a little something special for Emily (my holiday purse swap partner), who sent me so much yarn I'll be in fair isle heaven for quite some time. I wanted to make her something from the yarn she sent, so I pulled out my copy of "Knitting Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves" and picked out a pattern I haven't yet knitted. Below is a photo of one completed cuff. That's only one evening's worth of knitting, so I think these will be done shortly after the holidays are over.

I also made some time to work on the Sipalu Bag (the pattern Emily sent with all that yarn). It's on dpns now as the stitch count was getting a bit too small for the circulars I had in the correct size. Even though this doesn't seem to be growing much, it's a fairly quick knit considering what little amount of time I've spent on it this past week.

I also pulled out the Ewe Jest Bag and added the handles finally. Found some really cheesy earrings while out shopping and thought they would make a nice accent on the bag. This bag will get a lot of use since the green is a color I really like to accent with in my wardrobe.

Not so sure about these handles now that I've attached them. I'm not particularly impressed with the way they look. I'll give it a go for a bit, but might change them out.

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