Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

So, what do you do when you realize that you started the year with 17 WIPs; have completed 58 projects during the course of the year; and look to end the year with 20 projects (more than you started the year with!) still on the needles?

Well, if you're anything like me, that's the perfect time to cast on 3 new projects LOL.

Jenn spied the Annemor 11 gloves I made last year and decided she wanted a pair like them in browns to match her winter coat. How could I resist casting on a pair of gloves for my daughter, who will hardly ever let me make her anything because she "doesn't like knitted things"? Obviously I couldn't resist. I only cast them on last night and I'm almost to the fingers of the first glove. This pair seems to be knitting up much faster than the pair I made myself.

I ordered 2 Hanne Falkenberg kits at the beginning of December. Never mind that I still have a Mermaid kit and Ping Pong kit sitting downstairs in the craft room that I got almost 2 years ago that I haven't cast on yet. I got a note from the distributor that they were on order and would be shipped as soon as they came in. I couldn't wait. My fingers were itching to knit up some lovely shetland yarn and the fairisle projects I had in the works just weren't cutting it. I dragged out the Mermaid kit from 2 years ago and finally cast on.

I am so enchanted with this colorway. It is going to be a really fun jacket!!

Of course, as soon as I cast on the Mermaid, my order arrived from Cucumberpatch! I've always been a sucker for new yarn, so of course you know I couldn't pass up the opportunity to cast on a second Hanne Falkenberg. I am just as enamored of this colorway and it should prove to be quite a fun jacket too! This pattern is Solo. The second kit I ordered this time around was Plisse. Good thing casting on Solo took the edge off the frantic obsession with starting new projects.

There has been progress on the fairisle project this past 10 days too. I finished the front of the Sipalu bag, picked up the 240 provisional cast on stitches, and am starting on the back now.

Emily's Gloves have a pinky!! I really love the colors I chose for this pair of gloves. I will definitely make myself a pair in the same colors during 2009.

Discovering that I now have 23 WIPs is a bit daunting. It's sad that some of them were on the WIP list at the end of 2007 (one is even from 2006!). I've created what will hopefully be a fun way to get some of these completed in 2009. And, if not fun for me, should at least prove entertaining for those who read this blog. Can I actually stick to this plan? Do I really have the willpower not to cast on something until I'm technically allowed to? Only time will tell.

I found a nifty little equation which will randomly choose from a list in Excel. Each time I open the spreadsheet, it will randomly choose something from my list of WIPs. This will be the project I must finish before moving on to anything else. Now, we all know that I cannot be monogomous to a project, so I've decided to make this a bit easier for me. Each time I use the random project finder, I will be allowed to choose 2 other projects to work on at the same time. The catch is that if I finish those first, I won't be able to knit on anything else until the main project is finished, so I'd better choose wisely. And, because for some strange reason, making the decision to work only on projects already started makes me want to cast on new ones that much more, I've decided that for every 2 projects on this list completed, I can cast on something new as one of my "other" chosen projects next time I use the random project finder.

I'm really quite thrilled with the first project that came up. I get to work on Solo! For my other 2 projects, I've decided to work on the gloves for Jenn and Emily. Wish me luck!!


  1. Buying anything, even when you've got others stashed, from the UK right now, is smart.

    Good luck with the new program!

  2. What a great spreadsheet! Very cool. Great project, too.