Sunday, January 3, 2010

Long Time No Knit

Well, not really, but there's been precious little of it for someone who's as obsessed with the craft as I am. Let's just say that the last quarter of 2009 was bad for me and quite frankly, I'm glad I don't have a bunch of dreary posts in my blog to attest to it. Here's hoping 2010 turns out to be a much better year!

I still have a ton of WIPs sitting in various stages of completion in my craft room. I'm hopeless it seems. I'm not even going to attempt trying to finish them all this year. Not going to make some resolution not to buy yarn this year. Not going to do much except enjoy the projects that I decide to knit/crochet at any given time. I've decided life is much to short to stress yourself out over a hobby.

I currently have 3 projects in my room that are being worked on. The first is a baby blanket for my hair stylist. She will be having a little girl in February, so I need to work on this regularly so it gets completed in time. I am almost done with all of the base blocks (have 2 more of the shooting star ones to finish). Need to put borders on 11 more of them, then sew them together and put a border around the blanket.

I have been spending quite a bit of time decluttering my craft room and getting rid of some things that I've been keeping just for the sake of keeping. I gave 3 tall kitchen size trash bags full of yarn to my sister, and have a 4th started that I'll pass on to her when she's here to go through the piles of books and magazines I've decided to part with.

While going through all the patterns in those books and magazines, I came across a pair of socks that I am in love with. Dug around in the yarn I decided to keep and found the perfect yarn for them and cast on. This is the beginning of the Bacchus Socks for Interweave Knits Fall 2008 and it is the second of the projects in my room. Nothing like waiting a year to cast on a project huh?

I found several pair of socks on the needles and decided to put a pair in each car for traveling knitting. Amazing how much I get done while riding in the car. Below is a pair of girly camo looking socks made with Panda Silk prints I started several months ago then forgot about when they got buried in the craft room. They will now live in the Caddy waiting for Paul to drive me somewhere.

I will need to bring the pair that lives in the Lincoln in sometime this week to get a photo of them. They are made with Mini Mochi and I love the colors and feel of the yarn.

The third project currently getting some quality time with me recently is a crocheted top. I am making this with Gloss Sock yarn and so far I'm really liking the way it looks and feels. I don't think this one will take much more time to get finished up if it keeps my attention for awhile.

Got two projects finished up during this holiday weekend. An adorable hat and a lacy cami tee shirt. Will get photos of them later this week.

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  1. gee - that Lacy Cami tee shirt is gorgeous!!
    and i totally Love the 'camo' looking socks with Panda Silk. what on earth is the colorway? i have to try it!
    ps we have a Crystal Palace yarns blog, so if you take pics of your finished item, and want to share, would love to blog.
    email me at

    happy new year!