Monday, December 30, 2013

Resurrected Blog

It has been 18 months since I posted anything on this blog, but with the new year dawning, I thought I'd resurrect it.  In years past it has helped me keep track of my goals and progress against them.

A lot has happened since I last blogged.  First and foremost, we've relocated to Wisconsin where the winters are blustery (but the skies are sunny, unlike Ohio that had such dreary winter months), and since moving, I have become a full time homemaker.  I'm thoroughly enjoying this role and don't miss working outside the home in the least.  The problem with this new setup is that I went a bit crazy and started a ton of new projects (of varying types), and have finished very little.

Goals need to be set.  Structure and rules need to be put in place.  I know myself.  Without these, put into writing so I can review them, I will continue on the path of "start everything, finish nothing".

Without further ado, my "craft" goals for 2014 are:
  1. To complete or frog the following knit/crochet projects (which have been in progress for more than a year) - Mermaid Jacket, Mary Tudor Cardigan, Chain Reaction Afghan, Sock Yarn Blanket, Beekeeper's Quilt, Great American Afghan
  2. Complete one knit/crochet project per month that meets the criteria for the Stashdown A to Z group on Ravelry
  3. Spend more time quilting, cross-stitching, and weaving, and less time knitting/crocheting
  4. Plant a vegetable garden and can what I harvest
  5. Be picky about what knit/crochet projects I start - VERY picky (I've culled my queue, and frogged a lot of projects that I know will not be used if finished)
  6. Organize my craft area and get rid of items that will never be used.
Okay, now on to the structure and rules.
  1. Each month I will choose a knit/crochet project to complete for the Stashdown A to Z group.  A new project can only be started if I do not have a WIP that meets the criteria for the month. (Chain Reaction Afghan, Sock Yarn Blanket, Beekeeper's Quilt, and Great American Afghan are excluded as there is a plan to complete each in 2014)
  2. Each month I will choose a quilting WIP and needlework WIP to work on.  I will spend one hour each day on one of these projects.
  3. I will knit one hexipuff for the Beekeeper's Quilt, and one module for the Sock Yarn Blanket for each day of the week.
  4. Each month I will complete one square for the Chain Reaction Afghan and one square for the Great American Afghan.
  5. A new project (of any type) can only be started if 2 WIPs of that type have been completed. (The exceptions to this rule are a knit/crochet project can be started for rule 1 if no WIP meets the criteria for the month, and gifts and swap items can be started if need be)
Well, that's that.  Next is to compile a list of all the projects I have in progress so I can track what gets finished and what new things get started.  I'm sure this list will grow as I discover projects while organizing my craft area.  Now to see if I can get my craft buddy, Amanda, to join me in my quest.

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