Tuesday, December 31, 2013

January 2014 Goals

Projects have now been chosen for January 2014 completion.  My goals are to:

1.  Complete Paul's Man Cave quilt.  I've already cut out all the pieces, and sewn together the 9 patch squares and 3rd row modules.

All of the appliques have been prepared, and the only ones left to iron on are the pieces to the fishing rod, which will be attached after the rest of the quilt top is sewn together.

All of the appliques are ironed on, then an embroidered blanket stitch is added.  So far I've blanked stitched the Salmon and Bait squares.  It doesn't take long to complete each square so I  believe I can have most of these finished the first week in January.

2.  For my needlework project, I have chosen the Shaker Sewing Kit project I started last year about this time.  I stalled on this, probably because another new shiny project caught my eye and I couldn't resist starting it.

The pieces for the scissor fob, pincushion, and needle book are completed and are ready for me to pick out fabric, ribbon, and embellishments.

And, the sampler for the top of the sewing box, which I still need to purchase, is well on its way.

3.  My knit/crochet projects for the Stash Down A to Z group are ...

A Zombie Named Skip - he works up quickly and should be completed in just a few evenings.  When complete, he will be a marionette!  So cute.

Austin Boot Liners and Mitts - A few pieces for the boot liners have been completed.  With all the pieces, this project is a bit fiddly, but I really want the finished product so will make a concerted effort to get them done before boot weather is over.

Ann Marie:  Pink Ribbon Stockings for Breast Cancer Awareness - These are thigh high stockings and are quite the frivolous knit for me.  No way am I going to wear pink striped thigh highs out in public.  Not at my age or thigh size lol.  But I adore these and will definitely wear them around the house with my jammies on chilly evenings.  Even though these appear to be quite an undertaking, all of the sizing/shaping is done by changing needle sizes and not by increasing/decreasing stitch count, and the pattern is a simple 4 row repeat so I think they will knit up fairly quickly once I get past the heel turn.

All in all, quite an ambitious list for January completion, but I am determined.  I have plans to join 2 teams for Ravellenics in February, and need to finish a couple of projects to make room for the new ones to be started.  There are also a couple of swap goodies that need to be completed in January too, but of course, those won't be making an appearance on the blog until they have been received.

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