Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making a dent in the UFO's

I was really wanting to have the Bonsai Tunic finished to wear to work today, but I didn't work on it enough the last several days of my vacation. The final touches (I-cord belt, and armhole edging) should be done tonight so either Friday or Monday I should get to debut her. This is really quite a heavy sweater for being sleeveless, but I think with just a cami under it, I can get away with it on warm days. I hope so anyway since I fully plan to give it a go.

A closer shot without the flash to show the pattern on the bodice. I'm generally not a big fan of reverse stockinette, but I really like it with this yarn on this sweater.

I did some social knitting the last few days of my vacation so worked on something I knew I wouldn't mess up while I was busy gabbing. Out came the yarn and pattern for Tailored Scallops. I can't believe how quickly this sweater is going to knit up. Bulky yarn + 10 1/2 needles = almost instant gratification. Not quite sure about this yarn though. It looked really pretty in the skein, but it's a bit ugly knit up. Hopefully this will be one of those "so ugly it's cool" projects. One can have dreams. I'm not too awfully worried about it since the plan was for this to be my hang on the back of the office chair sweater that I can throw on at work when the air conditioning thinks it should be 30 degrees in the building.

Also during the social events I did some work on the Merging Colors kit. I've started adding in the 3rd color of yarn, but it's very hard to tell in the photos so far. Even up close and in person the change is so slight as to be brushed off as a play of light across the yarn.

I was really planning to take this next photo outside in the sunlight, but the overcast past couple of days wouldn't allow it. Today was nice and sunny, but alas, by the time I got home from work and got ready, the light was no better outside than in. I finished with clue 2 on Sunday. I really love the patterning on this stole.

Woohoo, with enough light above, no flash on the camera, and zooming in really really close, you can actually see the beads!!


  1. You are an absolute rock star. Yarn must fly through your fingers with all the progress you've done. The work is all beautiful. I did read another blog about the bonsai tunic and they also felt that it was really heavy. She use a bamboo blend which is usually lighter from my experience.


  2. The bonsai has such lovely lily-of-the-valley type top thingies. And I am, as always, agog at your incredible output.