Monday, February 15, 2010

Ah, Ravelympics. I found the perfect team to join. Team WIP. I found an event to challenge myself with. WIPs Dancing. I picked out my projects. The Mary Tudor Cardigan I started in October 2007, and the Ravenna Satchel I started in September 2008.

I gathered my tools and projects in anticipation. I anxiously awaiting the start of the opening ceremonies.

I spied the Team USA hat and all hope was lost LOL. I simply had to have one. Of course, I got lucky and another knitter had already spied the adorable hat and made up a chart for it, so all I had to do was buy yarn, add another event (or 2) to my already full Ravelympic roster, and cast on. And, that's exactly what I did.

Here it is after the first day of knitting. Not too bad considering I was disciplined enough to complete my goal rounds on the cardigan before casting on, I spent quite a bit of time during the afternoon shopping, and I went out to dinner with Paul for Valentine's Day.

Here it is after day 2 of knitting. I am still enamored of this hat and believe that it should be finished tonight while I watch ice skating and snow boarding.

There is progress on Mary Tudor too. I am hoping to be finished with the body this week. The Ravenna Satchel will hopefully be completed this weekend. I am not so foolish as to believe that I will be able to complete the sleeves for MT and get the finishing done during Ravelympics, but I will consider the attempt a success if I get the better part of one sleeve completed. That just might be the incentive I need to finally complete the sweater and get it off my list of UFOs.

Can you believe with all this WIP finishing excitement, and shiny new project joy, I am still itching to start yet another project? Of course you can if you know me in the least. I decided that I would limit myself to using a pattern in my Ravelry queue and a yarn in my stash. I asked Paul to give me 2 numbers (the first corresponding to a page in my queue and the second to the project on that page). Score!! The pattern is a cute tunic made with laceweight yarn and I have a ton of that in my stash. I will allow myself to start this project once the Olympics is over provided I finish my Team USA hat and the Ravenna Satchel.

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