Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick post before Olympics start!

Finished the Team USA Hat. Too big for me, and I decided I want the one Julia Mancuso was wearing instead of this one, so I'll be making that one next. Yes, I am hopeless, scouring the Olympics for new knitwear!

Horrible photo of the first 1/2 February dishcloth. Uggg I guess I need to learn to use this camera better. None of my pictures turns out well.

Ok, fun time. What do you do when your ass won't fit into your jeans anymore? Besides go on a shopping trip to buy more? You find some horrible fabric in your stash that makes you go "why the hell did I buy that?" and make yourself an apron, that's what? Ok, it's weird but I love it. Now I want a whole bunch of aprons. A different one for every day of the month, just like the collection of mittens and gloves I have.

Lest you think I completely gave up on Ravelympics and Team WIP, I now give you progress!

I finished the Gladiolus vest and even wore it to work on Tuesday. Love this so much. Told everyone at work that I spent 4 days in my jammies making a hippie vest LOL.

Finished the Bustier Top too, and wore that to work yesterday. This fits nice, but the yarn is shedding. Hoping that that will stop once it's washed again.

Finished the Rose Wrap Shell too, but this looks so much better on the dress form than it does on a real body. I do believe it's destined for the trashcan. It's so horrible I won't even take a photo of it on ... ewwwwwwww.

Not bad, 3 finished WIPs and 1 finished new project since the Olympics started. And, now I will confess that I bought materials for a new crochet project and started a new knit one. Sigh, I am hopeless!

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