Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brown Sugar .... Mmmmmmm

Yesterday I went to a local health food store in search of ingredients for a homemade brown sugar scrub.  I do love me a good sugar scrub, but they are pretty dang expensive and I was looking forward to saving a few dollars by making my own.

I tried this recipe.  I am not going to lie and say that by making this you will save a ton of money, because quite frankly, I had sticker shock when the cashier rang me up!  Those essential oils are expensive and this recipe calls for 3 of them.  If you already have essential oils, then by all means mix away.  If you have unlimited funds and are making the scrub yourself instead of buying it because you enjoy making your own stuff, by all means mix away. If you are making the scrub yourself to save money and don't already have the essential oils ...... try something else!  Or perhaps buy one of the oils for your first batch, add another next time, and so on.  I don't actually think the essential oils did much for me.  I would have been just as happy with just the carrier oil (I bought sweet almond) and the brown sugar.  I also thought the scrub was too dry, even though I used about 4 times as much carrier oil as this recipe called for.

Verdict:  This one wasn't for me, but in clicking around on links I found a version that I plan to try next time.  It calls for avocado mixed with the brown sugar then enough carrier oil to bring the whole mixture to the texture of your choice.  There's something about the thought of rubbing avocado all over my skin that just sounds decadent.  May even add some of those expensive essential oils now that I have them.

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