Saturday, May 19, 2012

Must Finish Lists

I have trying to be good and not start a ton of new projects, no matter how tempted I am.  My friend Amanda and I are trying to hold each other accountable to our "must finish" lists.  The idea is we have a project in mind that we want to start, and a list of projects we need to finish before we're allowed to start that new one.

Today marks a day that we are able to start a new project.  We've both chosen to start embroidered kitchen towels.  Before I am allowed to start another new project I will need to finish:
  • the embroidered towels (days of the week so there are 7 of them)
  • the crocheted afghan pictured later in this post
  • the quilt I am making for my MIL
  • the Nook cover I am cross stitching
  • a knit zebra for prayer shawl group (little ones don't want shawls!)
 Big list!  But I am determined, and I'm sure Amanda will keep me honest.

On my list is a quilt that I put together last fall and set aside.  Of course now that it's getting warm out I decide it's time to finish it up.  Go figure.

I love the backing fabric I found for this quilt.  It just seemed to fit.

All of the squares are flowers, and quite a few of them are applique.  I definitely need to work on my applique skills. 

I found pieces to a quilt that I had started back around 1998 when we had a little flood in our basement due to the sump pump acting up.  I couldn't believe it when I found them all stuffed into a bag.  I remember cutting out the pieces for this little lap quilt.  I cut some of them wrong and that's why it wound up in a time out.  Several moves and lots more projects and that poor thing was completely forgotten.

Well when we had that little flood, the pieces all got wet so I put them in a lingerie bag, washed, and dried them.  Then they all had to be ironed, the triangles needed to be sewn into squares, and the squares that had been cut the wrong size had to be cut down.  Then I had to remember how to put the dang thing together into the pattern I had intended.  I'm quite pleased with the results.

Now I just need to decide what I want to border and back it with and this little quilt can get added to my next "must finish" list.

The bavarian crochet afghan is coming along nicely.  It seems to take a million hour to finish a round now, but I knew that was going to happen.  I've finished the first repeat of all the colors and think it will be big enough when I've finished the second repeat.  I don't want something huge.  Just big enough to cuddle with on the couch while watching TV.

The Nook cover is making progress too.  The width is perfect, but the length is going to be a bit short.  I think I'm going to extend the border and maybe put my name on it to lengthen it some.  With the right lettering that should do the trick.

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