Thursday, September 24, 2015

When I'm Gone, When I'm Gone

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone ......


I tried switching my schedule around, and now everything is messed up.  Yep, I'm a creature of habit, and when my habits get interrupted, everything goes amiss.  I was doing so well blogging in the mornings, so not sure why I decided to switch it up, but I did.  Well, yes, truthfully I do know why I switched it up.  I've been doing this online Bible study.  The book is "Taming The To-Do List".  

It made me feel guilty for not putting more emphasis on my spiritual growth, so I decided to do my Bible studies first thing in the morning.  

It made me feel guilty for not putting more effort into getting my housework done, so I decided to do the cleaning right after Bible studies.

By then, I'm ready to tackle some crafting, and blogging just went by the wayside.  I've tried blogging at other times during the day before, but if I don't do it in the morning, I wind up putting it off and never get it done.

I actually set time aside today to get this post written, but tomorrow, I'm going to start blogging in the morning again.

So anyway, last time I blogged, I showed a photo of several Bento Box quilt squares I had made for some charity blankets.  After I bought the fabric, I started having second thoughts about how bold it seemed.  It just didn't seem appropriate for this charity.  My husband told me it was fine, and since he usually has such good taste, I went ahead and made all those blocks.  Those doubts just keep niggling me though, and once I had the first quilt top done, I couldn't ignore them any more.  The fabric just wasn't right for this cause.  I put all those blocks away, to be used in a quilt for me some day, and bought other fabric to re-make the quilts.  I'm much happier with my efforts now.

Here is the finished stack of blankets.  They went with my husband to his workplace to be donated this afternoon.

I used fat quarters of baby flannel for this small blankets, and added a crocheted edging to them.  After making four of these, my hands are cramping up.  I'd forgotten how rough it is on the fingers to force a steel crochet hook through the flannel to get that first round of edging on there.

 The next set of blankets I made are simple granny square blankets, worked up in white, with pink and blue ribbons attached at the edges.  I made two of each color.

And last, the simplified version of the baby quilts, in less loud fabric.  I'm much happier with these, and wish I had just listened to that little voice in my head to begin with.

I practiced my free motion quilting on the pink quilts, using a rose stipple pattern.

And, did some simple cross hatch quilting on the blue quilts using my walking foot.

 Also this past week, I finished up another of those old quilt tops that have been taking up room on my craft shelves.  This one was quilted a month or so ago, but I finally got around to binding and washing it.

I also pulled out one of the Row by Row kits.  This one was done except for doing the satin stitch around the applique.  I decided to do all the stitching in black.  It gives it a coloring book feel I think.  Four more rows to do, then I can start setting the top.

Some time has been set aside to work on the cross stitch paisley pumpkin too.  This project needs to move to the top of the priority list or I won't be able to use it as a table topper this fall.  After the stitching is done, I plan to add borders in fall themed fabric and quilt it.


  1. Everything is gorgeous! I remain in awe of all you manage to do!!

    1. Unfortunately, according to my bible study, I'm doing the wrong things lol!

  2. Such great projects. I can't wait to see the table topper finished.

    1. Thanks Bonnie! I am excited about the topper, and hope to be able to start the quilting part in a week or so.