Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We Have Pumpkins!

 I have this little bit of wall tucked into a corner behind the fireplace in the living room.  It's been begging for something ever since we moved in, but I could never find the right thing.  Every time I had an idea, I would decide that whatever it was I was thinking about would look better elsewhere.  So, of course all the other walls are looking nice, but this one remained a glaring blank spot screaming at me.

When I finally got started on the monthly applique wall hangings earlier this year, I decided they would be perfect for this little bit of wall that looked so lonely.  I finished up the October quilt and Paul hung it for me the other night.  Perfect fit!  Now I just need to get my butt in gear and finish the rest of these.  2 down, 10 to go.

Like the other one I finished, I chose to machine quilt this one with a simple wavy line.  This is working out well, so I think I'll continue this on the other quilts.

I also finished the Paisley Pumpkin table topper.  I love it!  Now if I can just keep Digit from claiming this as a bed I'll be doing good.

I think the table might need a tablecloth.  Not sure I like those spaces where the "wings" are attached.  Maybe black to match the chair backs, and season.

I originally thought I would only quilt the border on this, but the center needed something since it was bigger than I thought it would be (that's what happens when you assume you know what count fabric you're stitching on and don't take time to actually check), and I used a cotton batting that needs quilting at least every 2 inches.  I used a white thread on the top and although I was afraid it would ruin the look of the cross stitch, it blended into the background fabric perfectly and looks fine.  Again, machine quilted this one, and went a bit too fast in my excitement to finish this, so there are some quirky spots.  Gives it character though I think.

I've been plugging away on Sarah's afghan too.  It's now big enough to cover my lap when I'm knitting.  Unless it's a cold evening, I only do about one repeat before I'm too warm to work on it anymore.  I should have this finished up about this time next month as long as I keep to the one repeat per evening pace.

I mentioned in my last post, I believe, that I had started another huge cross stitch project.  Below is a photo of what I completed the other night.  I'm only pulling this out every now and again to work on because there's no big rush to complete it.  Just like all the other huge cross stitch projects I've started with Heaven and Earth Designs patterns.  I enjoy the process of watching these come to life.  This one is worked on 25 count Lugana fabric in a gorgeous shade of purple.  I've completed about 150 stitches.  Only 236,300 more stitches to go!  When done, this will be 16 x 24, and I plan to hang it in my spare bedroom, where I do most of my cross stitch and embroidery work.

Below is a photo of the artwork this pattern was created from.


  1. Oh wow, that last project is going to be intensive - but oh my, it will be so worth it when you're done! Back in the day I used to do quite a bit of counted cross stitching (when I was working full time I needed something that I could finish a little more quickly than I could a quilt, ha!). Of course my eyesight was a whole lot better back then, too.

  2. This will be wonderful when you get it done.

  3. I love this design! I've enjoyed cross-stitch in the past, but can't keep up with my current hobbies. I stifle the urge to start a cross-stitch project when it comes up, but seeing this I may have to just do it!