Friday, March 11, 2016

Whole Lotta Stitchin' Goin' On

Lots of bunny parts around here.  I finished the arms and legs yesterday, and I'm hoping to get at least one ear done tonight.  I'll try to finish him up this weekend.  Grabbed a cute fat quarter this week and I'm going to attempt making him a bow tie.  I couldn't find green/orange plaid, but I did find something with green and orange in it.

I worked on Blackberry House a bit this week instead of waiting until this weekend to make progress.  A few more minutes work should see page 1 complete on this.  I'm really enjoying my time working on this and might need to work it into my weekday rotation instead of only working on it a few hours on the weekend.

I divided my time this week between 3 HAED projects.  The first was The Great Snail.  I only managed to complete a little over 900 stitches on this before eye strain and a headache drove me to put it up and work on something else.  I think this will get more time on the frame once I manage to get past all this background work.  It's very motivating when little details start to take shape, but can be a bit disheartening to put so many hours into it and not see anything at all.  I am not going to give estimates on completion on these three projects because not working on them for the full week has really skewed things.  Let's just say that if these estimates are correct, I hope my eyesight holds out for many, many, many years :-D

Next I decided to restart one of those projects I sat aside due to not being happy with the coverage.  I had fabric big enough to work this, so figured I may as well get it back into rotation.  This is Mini Bottom of the Garden, and is a chart purchased for me by my friend Brandi for Christmas.  I also completed just over 900 stitches on this one, but those 900 stitches were completed much faster than those on The Great Snail.  Both of these patterns are by the same artist and feature fairies with other fanciful creatures.  I plan to hang both in my spare bedroom when completed.

The last HAED design I worked on is another new start.  I got the first 130 stitches in on Mini Days Like These.  Not much to see yet, but I only worked on it for a bit one evening.  Hoping this one moves faster once I get it worked into rotation.

I have several more that need to get worked into rotation, both restarts and new starts.  My goal is to get fabric and work at least one of them in each month until they are all started.  I know it seems crazy to have so many going at once, but this way I have a nice variety to choose from and hopefully won't get burned out.  I tend to get tired of projects and set them aside if I try to work on them exclusively and it takes a long time to get them done.

This week, Ornament Enchanted Christmas is back in rotation.  I put it on the lap frame Paul made me last week.  I really like working on this frame, but I think I might have him make it a bit smaller for me.  I don't seem to have the coordination needed to work with my left hand on the back side, and my right hand won't reach all the way to the other side, so I wind up only being able to work on the lower left 2/3 comfortably.


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