Friday, March 4, 2016

HAED Enchanted Christmas 3/4/16 Update

 I never did get around to blogging about my "side" cross stitch projects this past week, and one of them isn't going to get blog time today either.  Just not enough completed on it to make it worthwhile to show off.  I think I'm trying to stuff too many projects into my weekend craft time again.  I'll be setting aside the Joyful World Calendar project for the most part, and concentrating on the Blackberry House Sampler.

After a rough start and 2 sessions of picking out everything I had completed, I'm finally making some headway on this.  I plan on hanging this in my dining room when it's finished.  I already have one sampler hanging in there, and I think this one will go nicely with it.  This week, my HAED project is on 25 count fabric, and I have to use a magnifying lamp when working on those.  I can only work on these type of projects for so long before eye strain becomes an issue and I get a doozy of a headache, so I'll probably only work on that during the afternoons while listening to an audiobook.  In the evenings, I'll pull Blackberry House out to work on instead.  This is on 28 count fabric too, but since I'm working over 2 threads, eye strain doesn't come into play.  Hopefully a lot of progress to show of this next week.

Enchanted Christmas had its turn on the frame again this week.  I completed 2,992 stitches on this, and it is currently estimated to be complete in early July 2016.  It's hard to tell, but the dark area that I completed this week is the sleigh.  On the leftmost edge is a lantern that can be made out.

I'm not 100% happy with the coverage on this project, but I'm not so unhappy as to start it over using higher count fabric or more strands of floss.  This is on 14 count using 2 strands.  I had started another project using 14 count and 3 strands, but it was so bulky, I scrapped it.  The project I am completing on 18 count with 2 strands feels a bit thick, but I am really happy with the coverage.

At one point, I had made the decision to set aside 2 projects I was working on 14 count fabric.  Then I asked Paul what he thought of the one I was doing for him, and since he said it looked fine to him, I was going to continue on with them as is.  Now, after seeing what this one looks like, I'm back to the mindset of starting over.  Neither project had a full page complete, so it's not like I would be scrapping months of work on either one, and I'm sure I'll be much happier working on them on 18 count fabric instead.  I'll also never use this cream/off white colored fabric again.  It sticks out like a sore thumb when coverage isn't great when using dark colored floss.

Live and learn I guess.

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