Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Does it count?

Am I allowed to declare February's Goals met if I'm done with the actual knitting, but can't sew the pieces together until the blocking pieces are dry??

If so, I can officially declare February a success. If not, oh well, one day off my target during a short month isn't bad at all!

I have finished the knitting on the Cropped Lace Top and the sleeves are still drying. Tomorrow I will be able to do the seaming and get photos.

The Victorian Lace Scarf finished drying last night and I love it! There's even enough of the yarn left over to make matching wrist warmers .... which I will probably do later this year.

Pattern: Scarf with striped border, Victorian Lace Today
Yarn: Hand Dyed Superwash Merino, LaughingRat Studios
Started: 1/21/2007
Finished: 2/25/2007

Since I am done with February, it is time to start thinking about March goals. Of course, I will be working feverishly on Mermaid. Also slated for completion very soon are Paul's gloves. I received my Knit Picks order yesterday, so now have enough yarn to finish them. The scarf I started for my daughter needs to be finished so she can use it yet this year. And, I am expecting my first STR kit in the next week or so. That will complete my main goal list for this month.

There are a couple of projects I would like to start on if I complete the main ones. I have a couple skeins of sock yarn from LaughingRat Studios that I had dyed for hubby. I'd like to get him a pair of socks made up from at least one of them soon. Also, I keep looking at Pullover Flair from IK and have enough of a suitable yarn for it in my stash. Must use some stash along with all the new yarn purchases. Also, in the latest IK there are a couple of the staff projects that I want to make. First on the list will be the lace thong to go along with the nightie I made. Paul couldn't be happier lol.


  1. Beautiful scarf! I like yours better than the picture in the book.

  2. Hey, it turned out great! Also, I found your knitting blog! :-D