Monday, February 5, 2007

A Little Progress is a Beautiful Thing

The Bell she is done! I washed and blocked her yesterday, but alas, she was still a bit damp this morning so I couldn't wear her to work. She will definitely be ready for the required modeled photo shoot tomorrow however. With that major project done, I turned my attention to a couple of the smaller projects I want to get done by month's end.

I made a fair amount of progress on the Moss Grid Hand Towel. Most likely will put the finishing touches on it tonight. Once it's been through the wash so it isn't all stiff and icky I'll get a nice picture.

I also got a good bit of work completed on the lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today. Once finished I really do have to find a better lit spot to take a photo so the colors in this yarn show up. This pattern is very easy to memorize (even the border pattern), so it's been a good project for working on while out and about.

Although I don't have a progress photo to show, I worked on the Fiery Bolero also ..... seems silly to call it that since it's jubilently bright yellow lol. I've completed the back, and cast on all the stitches for the sleeves. If I remember right, the first of these I made a couple years back only took me a few days, so I think I'm safe saying I can put the finishing touches on it this weekend. All depends on how much time I feel like devoting to the scarf or the sanquhar gloves.

I've been considering buying the yarn for St. Moritz soon and adding that to my March (and April) goals list. Not sure if I'm up for another "Dale in a month" deadline, but who knows what wild hair I'll get!

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