Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Nasty storm went through here today ... and it's still going if I'm not mistaken. We were getting 1-2" of snow per hour when I went in to work this morning, and the ice hit just as I was leaving. Over half our office called in and worked from home today, and as the morning progressed, more and more people left early. I was one of the last holdouts, but finally got out of there about 1:30 with a folder full of work. Put in a few more hours after getting home, then sat down for some extended knitting time.

As I thought, I was able to finish the (Sunny) Bolero this weekend. I won't be able to get a modeled photo until Paul is back in town. This is the second bolero I've made from this pattern, and I might make a couple more. I love this pattern. It's simple and straightforward and knits up very quickly. Just the sort of thing you need when you've gone completely nuts and committed to knitting a sweater a month. Not that knitting a sweater a month is impossible, it's just that everything on my "I gotta make that!" list is involved, if you know what I mean.

Pattern: Fiery Bolero, Interweave Knits Spring 2005
Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun
Started: 1/27/07
Finished: 2/11/07

Also finished (but not photographed until now) is the Moss Grid Hand Towel. Does my powder room looked prissed up? I have threatened death to any of the offspring who makes this disappear!

Pattern: Moss Grid Hand Towel, Mason Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Euroflax Linen
Started: 1/27/07
Finished: 2/5/07

Tonight during American Idol, I finished up the first of the Anemoi mittens. I plan on concentrating on the 2nd this week and hopefully having the pair complete this weekend. I really like this pattern, but don't think I would recommend it to someone doing their first fair isle project. Not unless they were very adventurous. The mitten is so soft and warm. Gotta love alpaca and cashmere!

Since I finished up the bolero, I decided to cast on my next sweater. This is knitting up so much quicker than I thought it would. Maybe it's because I love lace and haven't knit anything lacy in quite awhile?? This photo really doesn't do it justice. I'll try to get a better photo next time I post progress on it. I should be able to start the armhole shaping this evening. If I continue at the rate I am going, this should be done by next weekend.

Remember in my last post I said I had ordered 2 Hanne Falkenberg sweater kits? Well, I got them from http://www.cucumberpatch.co.uk/ , and I highly recommend them for these kits. My order was placed last Wednesday evening and I received the order yesterday afternoon. How's that for fast shipment?? I knew I would want to cast one of these on as soon as I received the kits, and I wasn't wrong. I gave in to that itch even though I shouldn't have. I cast on for the Mermaid Jacket. My chosen colorway is black/cypress/kingfisher. I can already tell this will be one of my favorites for cold weather wear. The yarn is yummy! And what an ingenious design. I got hold of myself after a few rows today and put her away until the Cropped Lace Top is finished. Then I can Mermaid all I want. More incentive to complete a project or two. I also bought the kit for the Ping Pong Jacket, which will probably be cast on shortly after Mermaid is complete. So much for St. Moritz being started soon.

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