Friday, March 9, 2007

Bout time I posted an update

I know, I know, I promised an update much earlier this week, but this has been one heck of a week. First the batteries died in the camera. I forgot to charge them while nursing Paul, who had some oral surgery done. Then, I've been putting in quite a bit of overtime at work trying to help on a team with an impossible deadline. Something had to give, and since I wasn't about to abandon my knitting for a whole week, the blog was chosen.

Natalie, over at Keeping Me In Stitches, posted today that I crank out the knits faster than anyone else in the world, and that my blog might make some cry. Isn't that about the sweetest? Check out her blog. There's a nifty link in today's post to turn your blog into a book. I've bookmarked the site for consideration later this year. Quite frankly though, I'm almost afraid of what the cost will be. I can be a bit rambly if you know what I mean.

I've mentioned the scarf I'm making for my daughter, but I think this is the first progress photo I've posted. The teen who "doesn't like knitted stuff" is in love with this scarf. And who wouldn't be? It's a pretty lace pattern worked up in Misti Alpaca Worsted, so it's about the softest thing you've ever laid your hands on. This should be finished up just in time for Spring, when she won't have need of it. That'll teach her to say such blasphemous things as "I don't like knitted stuff". Ha!

Peace Brotha!!

That's what goes through my mind every time I see the state of Paul's glove *snicker*. I was hoping to have this one done and the second worked through the ribbing this weekend, but we'll have to see. It's looking like I might have to work both Saturday and Sunday to help meet the aforementioned impossible deadline.

What can I say about Mermaid? I love this pattern! I'm planning on buying a couple more of the kits later this year. One for my mother for her birthday, and the bright red/pink/orange one for myself.


  1. Your glove is further along than mine...and I started mine a whole year & a half before you started yours. :)

  2. I am in awe of your abilities!(I can't even finish my fish mittens!)
    Carol M

  3. I wish I could go to SnB! My kinds are both sick and my hubby hurt his ankle during an indoor soccer game. Perhaps another time soon? I really hope so! I don't think I'll have a problem with the STR pattern--I have size 8 feet and they're impossibly wide, so I'm betting if anything I'll have to add stitches!--Tricia

  4. OK, everything looks great, but THAT GLOVE? omg... I can't even IMAGINE knitting something like that. It is stunningly beautiful! wow...