Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Hole In The Head?

So, what is it that I need like I need a hole in the head?

Why yes, you're right. Another project on the needles!!

I liked the Moss Grid Hand Towel (Mason Dixon Knitting) so much, I decided to make the Chevron Stripes Hand Towel. Not much by way of progress yet, but I only worked on it for a short time this past weekend. I see this as my possible "knitting while playing a computer game with Paul" project. When I got the linen for this towel, I picked up some matching super soft cotton to make washcloths with. My powder rooms will be prissed up for sure!

I received my first Rockin' Sock Club shipment last week. Love love love everything in it! Lots of hoopla going on over at the Club blog regarding the pattern though. Those like me (the freakishly skinny footed ones) are all aflutter about this pattern only being for medium to large circumfrence feet ...... and those with the medium to large circumfrence feet all aflutter over the cable pattern on the leg being too tight for them. After a false start, then some math and deductive reasoning, I have managed to re-engineer the foot of this sock pattern to fit my skinny feet and still keep the integrity of the ribbing/cabling pattern so the sock is still reversible. How cool is that? Reversible socks!!

Sanquhar glove #1 is finished! Big sigh of relief ..... but of course there is #2 to get done. I didn't manage to get through the ribbing like I had hoped this past weekend, but I am almost half done with it now.

Mermaid is not coming along quite as fast as I had hoped. For the most part it is mindless garter stitch, but there is just enough shaping etc in the pattern to keep me from knitting on it while talking to Paul. Never fails. We start gabbing and I lose track of where I am and spend twice as much time figuring it out as I do knitting. Some major progress will be made next week and the week after however, as Paul is going out of town on business.

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  1. I read your blog when I should be sleeping. I am totally fascinated by it. Love the Sanquhar gloves, the Rockin socks are "rockin" and am intrigued by creating my own face cloths. Nice idea. You inspire me and show me what a bit of time management can accomplish. Love, love your work and your ambition. Kellistarr.