Monday, August 6, 2007

The best laid plans .....

Finished up clue 5 yesterday afternoon. I wish the stole was on a longer cable needle now, as this 32" one isn't conducive to good pictures with the short rows. I can't wait to finish this. It's such an intriguing shape.

Although I haven't woven in the ends yet, I am officially done with the first of the 4 dishcloths I want to have done this month. The second is about 1/2 done, and should be done this week. Wish I had taken a look at the suggested colors list before starting to knit this one. Oh well, a green dolphin in green seas makes for creative dishwashing!

Laughingrat asked if the grey speckled yarn was what I had bought from her last year. Why yes indeedy it is. It is working up into the softest socks you can imagine and Paul loves them. Thank you so much for the custom dye job :o) Check out Laughing Rat Studios for some great choices. She even sells spinning fiber!

I was so sure that I would finish up the second Cable Rib sock tonight. Alas I have only knit 2 more repeats since this photo was taken last night. Ever have one of those projects on the needles that you just want to be done with already, but the closer you get to the finishing, the slower you seem to knit? These socks unfortunately are one of those projects. Since I knit while watching tv in bed, and the light isn't so bright, I have a hard time with the dark colors in this yarn at times. I get much more done on them on the weekends when the light is coming through the window, but during the week, knitting on these is a bit of a strain on my eyes.

I have decided to choose the next pair of socks in the pile that need to be completed and alternate working on the Cable Rib socks and those. Soooooo Paul will just have to wait until later this week to have his completed pair.

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  1. Aw, thanks! Yay, they do look really good. Er...I mean...oh heck, is there any way to compliment those socks without seeming to pat myself on the back too? *headdesk* You're doing a great job! How about that. :)

    Cannot wait to see the finished stole. Your yarn color choice is really nice--should look well on you!