Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More goals met

2 down 2 to go! Finished up the second of the four dishcloths for August tonight. Did much better with the color for this one since it was one of the "make up" dishcloths and I had the benefit of seeing a finished picture of it.

Woohoo!! Finished the second Cable Rib sock for Paul tonight too. Those last few rounds of ribbing were sheer torture I tell you. The yarn was great to work with, and the pattern was easy, but miles of k2 p1 ribbing for monstrous mutant manfeet were sucking the sock knitting mojo out of me. I don't think I've ever been so happy to be finished with a project before .... with the exception of the Afghan From Hell that is. Now that I think about it, that project was for Paul too. Maybe I should think twice before allowing him to pick what I make for him in the future!

The next sock on the list of "need to finish" projects is the Crosshatch Lace socks for me. I made some progress on them when the Cable Rib socks became too much for my eyes to take in the evenings. I really like this pattern and don't forsee much getting in the way of me completing them soon.

Unless, of course, I can't stop myself from casting on new socks! Perhaps I should change the title of my blog to "Memoirs of an Obsessive Compulsive Cast On Addict"! I have absolutely no willpower where yarn is concerned. I can't stop buying it, and once purchased, I can't wait to cast on a new project. I tried so hard to resist this time too, but the call of that yummy Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn I bought finally got me. I gave in and cast on yet another pair of socks. I love the pattern (Double Eyelet Rib from Wendy of Wendy Knits ) This yarn is yummy too. I'll definitely be purchasing more of it in the future.

Now, if I can only resist the urge to wind up and cast on my latest purchase from The Loopy Ewe! The colors did not photograph as beautiful as they really are. Pictured there is Chewy Spaghetti Fingering in Fresh, The Knittery Merino Cashmere Sock in Daisy, and Handmaiden Sea Silk in Lily Pond. I had to take all 3 skeins down to the craft room and lock them in for fear I would snap and cast on another 3 pair of socks to add to the ever increasing pile of partially completed ones (which now have their very own knitting bag!).

I'm such a hopeless case!


  1. I forgot where to look up the toe up pattern. Help!!!!!

  2. Hi Delana, Where did you buy the Fleece Artist Hand Maiden? When I look on line it doesn't give a place to buy in OHio nor is it available to buy on line. How did you get it.