Friday, April 11, 2008

Almost done!

Thanks to all who sent such nice comments about the tree skirt. Even though it's not one of those nice portable, brainless knitting so I can watch a movie projects, I'm really enjoying knitting it.

Susan is contemplating trying out the "different project every day" method to finishing up her projects since she seems to be plagued with frogitis these days. I say go for it!! Everyone should send good knitting vibes her way so she can get her mojo back.

Last night it was Stoney's turn to be knit on, and I cruised right through it! I've now finished all 3 pieces and all that's left to do is the seaming/finishing.

Tomorrow I'll work on that after making a trip to JoAnn's for buttons. I'm thinking I might try to find shank buttons and use safety pins or somesuch to fasten them to the vest. That way I can change the look to match whatever top I decide to wear under it. Good idea? Or another hairbrained one?

I took a bit of a break from knitting tonight to play a computer game, so I'm not sure how much progress I'll have to show tomorrow. Of course, Friday's project is something I haven't blogged about yet, so there will be some.

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