Thursday, April 10, 2008

Christmas in April?

I decided that one of the 5 projects I needed to concentrate on was going to be the Aran Tree Skirt from "Handknit Holidays". It's getting pretty bulky and doesn't want to fit well into a knitting bag. It's not a very portable project due to it's size and the fact you have to pay close attention to the pattern. I certainly don't want this one hanging around all summer, when I'm sure I'll be attending more knitting groups and generally dragging my knitting out on the back porch.

I'm just about halfway through the 3rd of 11 panels. This one will be posted about for a couple of months I believe. Next week I'll take a couple of closeup photos of the cable work.

Other than taking up some of my precious little knitting time in the evenings, posting on a daily basis about a different project is proving to be quite fun. Maybe I've finally found the recipe to get all those UFOs finished up and make good on my "post better" resolution!


  1. I might have to try your new blog-a-day method to finishing projects. All I've been doing these days is frogging. : 0 (

  2. I love that tree skirt - someday I must make that.

    Hey, you're doing a great job on the posting. ; )