Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First come, first served ....

Free to Good Home (all I ask is reimbursement of any shipping costs involved)

I did some major decluttering of the craft room this past weekend. There is a whole pile of knit/crochet magazines sitting in my bedroom right now hoping to find a new home so I don't throw them in the recycle bin. If anyone is interested in giving them a new home, please either leave a comment or email me delanaknits(at)gmail(dot)com

Vogue Knitting
Holiday 2004
Winter 2003/04

Knit It!
Spring 2007
Fall 2005
Spring 2006

Knit 'N Style
August 2007

Ultimate Knitting
Winter 2003

Cast On
May-July 2006
August-October 2005
Spring 2005
May-July 2005
February-April 2006

Fall 2005
Fall 2004

Winter 2003
Fall 2004
Winter 2004
Spring 2005
Fall 2005
Winter 2005
Summer 2005

Family Circle Easy Knitting
Holiday 2005
Fall 2005
Fall 2000
Winter 1999/2000
Spring/Summer 1999
Spring/Summer 1998
Winter 2003
Fall 2004
Spring/Summer 2006
Holiday 2003

Creative Knitting
March 2007
May 2006
September 2005
January 2006
September 2004
July 2005

Family Circle Easy Crochet
Fall/Winter 2005

November 2006

BH&G Simply Creative Crochet

Spring/Summer 2007

Interweave Crochet
Spring 2007
Winter 2004/2005

Interweave Felt

Sadly, this list hardly put a dent in the pile left in the craft room. At least now though, all the projects I want to make out of those left is marked with a post-it note flag so I don't have to flip through all of them again to find something. Maybe I'll get industrious and add all those projects to my Ravelry queue so I know exactly which magazine to grab when I'm ready to make something. Ah to be organized!!

And now for some actual knitting content. Believe it or not, even with all that decluttering going on, I did get some knitting accomplished.

Since I finished up Stoney, I needed to decide on a new project for Thursdays. I chose to pull out the Flickering Flames skirt I started last summer and never got around to finishing. Hopefully with my new process I'll have this done in time to wear this season. I'm taking this Thursday off work to go with Paul for some tests so there will be quite a bit of progress on this later this week.

Last night I finished up the first Meida's sock. Maybe this project will be on the FO list in a couple more sessions. I might pull this one out this weekend to work on and be able to finish it up next Monday. Still don't have a great photo of the yarn. I forgot I was going to take it outside this week until after I had showered and gotten comfy in my jammies. Maybe next week :o)

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