Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's all about the layering

One down, 40 bazillion to go!

I did my shopping this afternoon, then sat down to do the finishing on Stoney. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and plan to wear it to work on Monday. The pattern was very simple and had just enough shaping to keep my interest. I used a ribbon type cotton yarn so I think it has a bit more structure than if I had knit it in the called for wool blend yarn. I think it would knit up beautifully in a silk yarn, and may make another one to test out that theory.

I only found one set of buttons that I really liked for this vest, so decided against the fasten with a safety pin idea.

Last night's project was Lauryn, the free gift that came with my Rowan subscription. I've seen quite a bit of buzz on the internet about not liking the pattern that came with the yarn. I kind of liked it myself, and since lately I've been all about layering with vests and such, decided I was going to make it. This is proving to be a really quick knit and should be finished up in another couple of knitting sessions.

Seems like this limting myself to one project per evening thing is going to work!


  1. I like you using the buttons on the side. It is really cute. Also what is the light blue? Is it another vest? I had fun seeing you last Sunday. I hope someone reminds me the next time.
    Aunt Gerry

  2. I love Stoney! It has so much shaping that I didn't notice in the magazine. I think that one is going into my queue....

  3. The bottoms are perfect! Is the blue project "Lauryn"? If so, I think it looks great so far. Maybe after your FO, the vibe will change and everyone will want to make it. Real-people FOs really help us all see the likability of a project without the lighting and model-esque stuff getting in the way.

  4. Stoney looks great. Not familiar with the pattern but definitely off to find it. Thanks for sharing