Saturday, July 5, 2008

More vacation knitting goodness

As promised, a photo of the Ab Fab Throw. I'm just slightly over 1/2 done with it and it looks like there will be plenty of yarn left to make the tassels. I've enjoyed knitting this so much I bought more yarn to make another. The next one won't be the diamond pattern though. It will be the scallops pattern, which at first glance looks to be feather and fan. I didn't invest in Colinette yarns for the next one. Picked up similar weight and texture yarns that were on sale at JoAnns when I went to get the tunisian crochet hook I needed to make the La Mer Scarf.

I'm really getting antsy to have the Flickering Flames Skirt finished. It seems to take forever to complete a round though. I'm beginning to think it won't be done in time to wear this year. But, I do love the way the pattern is looking!

Sure doesn't look like another 32 rounds is going to make it long enough does it? I may try blocking a portion of this before binding off to see if I need more length.

Another repeat completed on the Moorish Stripe socks today. I love fair isle socks. I seem to knit them so much faster than any other pattern.

As I mentioned in last night's post, I did rip out the La Mer Scarf and start over, leaving out the chain one at the beginning of each row. The pattern goes so quickly I reworked what I ripped out and completed another repeat before putting it away.

Leaving out the chain one seems to have solved the wonky loose ruffly edge on the right, and blocking will resolve any residual wonkiness. Still haven't gotten my beads, which is a shame since I was 2 doors down from the store where I'll get them this afternoon. I'm still thinking blue, and may go get them tomorrow when I'm out. If I remember to bring the scarf with me that is.

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