Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WIP Status Wednesday

Lately the "events" I've seen in the online knitting world have centered on WIPs. UFOlympics is right around the corner, and there's a new contest over at A Little Yarn On The Side.

Sadly, I think my final official declaration for UFOlympics is more than I can actually accomplish. Finishing the Flickering Flames Skirt shouldn't be a problem. Only about 16 rounds and the picot bindoff to do. But, even coming close to finishing the Lowry Pullover will be a miracle! For some reason, it seems to be taking me forever to finish a 12 row repeat of the pattern. At least working on it for 16 days should get it into a condition where I can actually have it done by its recipient's birthday!

The contest at A Little Yarn On The Side is to see who can finish the most WIPs before casting on a new project. I really wanted to join in on that one, but I know I need to cast on another gift before the contest would be over, and didn't want to set myself up to fail LOL.

I do need to get my WIPs under control though. I currently have 19 of them! Well, 19 unless I find some other poor neglected project that I've completely forgotten about in the craft room. Maybe giving a status on them every Wednesday will shame me into finishing something before casting on a new project.

Although still considered a WIP in my book (since I haven't woven in all of the ends), the knitting is done on the Ab Fab Throw. It is super soft and reminds me of rainbow sherbet.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I had purchased yarn to do another of the patterns that came with the Ab Fab Kit. As soon as the knitting was done on the above, I cast on this:

Manlier colors so Paul doesn't feel neglected. Casting it on kind of defeats that whole "get the WIP count down" motto though doesn't it? Hopefully I can be better in the future.

I haven't done much work on the Roped Shell, but since it's actually on the needles and started, I must count it as a WIP. I love the GGH silk yarn I am knitting it in. So luxurious! I really should put this towards the top of my "to complete" list since it's a sleeveless top and finishing it in December won't do me one lick of good.

Eerie is progressing nicely. The back should be completed tonight and hopefully the front will be cast on by this weekend.

No new photo of Granite, but it will probably be my next FO. One sleeve is finished and already seamed, the other is about 30 rows from completion. After that it's just a matter of doing a few seams, knitting the neck band, and sewing on a button!

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  1. I can't even say much about your knitting. Go ahead and cast on! You knit so fast, who's keeping count?

    I was trying to tell Eric why your comment on my blog is so funny. I kept saying, "You have to picture her; she looks so together." I'm still laughing!