Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Knitting Bag!!

This morning with my coffee I finished up the Mid Month Dishcloth. I stocked up on some Bernat Organic Cotton at the beginning of the year to make some face cloths for the bathroom, and I think I'm going to have to get more of this stuff. It is so soft and knits up like a dream.

Yesterday morning I finished up the seaming of the Haekelbeutel bag. I crocheted handles as the pattern called for, but just didn't care for them. So, off to JoAnn's I went in search of just the right handles and fabric to line the bag with.

I wound up with some bamboo handles, which I think work great with this bag.

And some green grass printed fabric for lining.

The handles are just heavy enough that they fold down along the sides when the bag is on the floor, allowing access to all the goodies stored inside.

And, boy does this bag hold a lot! I added pockets to both sides to hold pattern books and/or magazines, a long narrow pocket which can hold needles, and a cell phone pocket. The main part of the bag is currently storage for 10 balls of Jamieson's DK and the first 8 or so inches of the Lowry sweater. I'm now prepared for the UFOlympics!

I love love love this bag!! Someone on Ravelry mentioned possibly adding squares on each side between the points where the handles attach and making a single strap for the bag to turn it into a hobo bag. I enjoyed making this so much, I might have to try that with a lighter weight yarn. Not so sure an 18"+ tall hobo bag is quite my style.

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  1. That came out great! The lining was a perfect compliment to the outside, too.