Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Humpday

I finished up the Dream Stripes Prayer Shawl with more than a week to spare before the next meeting of the group.  I still have another skein of the white yarn left, and since this worked up so quickly, I will get some more in a contrasting color and make another one for the next meeting.

I really like this pattern and may have to make one of these for myself later this year.

Amanda talked me into joining a dishcloth group on Ravelry and I made one of their patterns.  I've had this pattern in my library for awhile, but never got around to making it.  I was originally going to make a scarf with it, but it does work up quite nicely for a hot pad.

More fun craftiness from Pinterest!  I used pages from a knitting catalog to make a woven coaster.  Too lazy right now to track down the tutorial url, but I will do that another day.  This took mere minutes to make and was a pretty mindless project.  I will be making more of these to store around the house.

I started a baby blanket for my hairstylist, who is expecting her second this July.  I have wanted to make this pattern since I bought the magazine back in 2008, but didn't think about it when she had her first 2 years ago. It is working up fairly quickly (when I actually work on it), and I'm hoping to have it all completed by the end of March.


  1. The prayer shawl came out beautifully. Gotta love pinterest for all the inspiration it brings.

    1. Thanks Susan! I do love Pinterest. Although, I surely didn't need something else that tempts me to start new projects :-)