Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UFOlympics day 5

Well, there's good news and bad news.

First off, something about the pattern for the Lowry sweater just wasn't sitting right with me. Ummmmm if I knit the sleeves to the length it says, they will be too short by about 3"!! Yowza, that's another 6" of knitting. At least at the beginning of the sleeves I get more bang for the buck since there aren't so many stitches.

Below is the effort of my "free" night of knitting, since I didn't count Mondays in my daily count.

I'm pretty sure I can get another 6" on them before turning in for the night. That should catch me up as I'm knitting them at the same time (obviously) so I get to subtract a whopping 12" off my total left to be knit.

After trying to convince myself that finishing all 3 of my projects was still doable, I noticed something else odd on my spreadsheet. (Yes, I'm so anal I'm actually using a spreadsheet to calculate what I need to knit each day in order to finish.)

WooHoo!!!!! When I calculated the stitch count in the Aran Tree Skirt, I used all 11 panels in the equation and neglected to subtract the 4 repeats I already had done! Now, instead of having to knit 1700 stitches per day, I only need to knit 900! Relief! I once again have myself believing that I actually might make it to the finish line :o)

As for the belly dancing ...... it was so much fun!!! Of course, this morning I could tell that I am not in shape at all. I could feel every single muscle in my body! I can already tell, after just one class, that I'll be signing up for the intermediate class.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting.

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  1. Yes, you do crack me up. And you're so astonishing. For example, I've realized that the one cuff I've started for Cobblestone is way too big. Do I frog and redo immediately? No, I spin! And you have a spreadsheet, and what's amazing is that you'll actually hit your goals. Good for you! I just have to run some.